What is Rodizio?

What is Rodizio?

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

What is Rodizio?

Rodizio is a “style” of an all you can eat service in Brazilian restaurants when waiters continuously bring an offering of food to a guest throughout the meal. Rodizio style restaurants generally serve premium cuts of fire-roasted meats like steak, beef cuts, chicken, lamb, pork, and sausages on skewers in Brazilian Steak Houses. Pay one fixed price, much like you would at an all you can eat buffet, and several waiters go to your table and offer you over a dozen options of delicious churrasco cut meats until your full. Churrasco is the style of slowly cooking meats using charcoal and embers of wood, instead of a electric or gas grill, in an open natural flame grill to roast the meat. This method of cooking meat seals the juiciness that makes the steak or meat tender and very flavorful. The rodizio meats are roasted on a large scale rotisserie barbecue grill capable of cooking multiple Brazilian churrasco at a time.

Most rodizio churrascaria (Brazilian Steak House) also include a complimentary fresh gourmet hot and cold salad bar. This generally includes all you can eat rice, beans, vinaigrette, farofa, fries, fried bananas, fried yuccas, and tradional Brazilian appetizers part of the rodizio experience. As far as the Rodizio part, you would be served filet mignon, sirloin steak, roast beef, picanha (all time favorite), beef short ribs, lamb, chicken hearts, pork ribs, grilled pineapple (a must!), chicken wrapped with bacon, and many more all serve on skewers fresh out of the grill. Recipes come from original Brazilian cuisine carried from centuries, and brought here to share with the rest of the world.

In Brazil, authentic rodizio of churrasco became so popular that different types of rodizio restaurants began to appear instead of your traditional Brazilian Churrascaria Steakhouse. Now you can find different Rodizio style foods like sushi and  pizza. Servers come to your table, just like a rodizio steak house, and ask you  if you would like unique types of high quality pizza and sushi. Remember that rodizio is not a type of food but more of a  special style of restaurant how they serve food. Rodizio definition roughly means rotation. In restaurants, if they offer “rodizio” it would mean several servers would offer you the selection of food alternating or rotating back and forth between foods until you signify you had enough.

Rodizio business owners do their best to impress and give you an experience that you will never forgot. A true Brazilian rodizio steakhouse makes sure their customers are WELL taking care of and are given back MORE that they have spend. Everything comes into play. The food, service, drinks, and atmosphere are professionally adjusted for maximum comfort and relaxation. The only thing that should be in your way is whether you are going to have room for the next delicious meat the server would cut for you from the skewer. If their authenticity is not in doubt ask for a caipirinha; The national drink of brazil made with cachaca, lime, and sugar. Cachaca is a distilled alcohol beverage made from sugarcane.

It’s IMPORTANT to know that a Brazilian Rodizio Churrascaria Steakhouse should not be confused for your ordinary buffet! The meats are the finest you can find around your local area and business owners are extremely selective on the quality of the meats they serve their customers! Even their hot and cold salad bar options are selectively chosen for optimum satisfaction. Surf Rodizio Directory to find a rodizio restaurant near you! Also our Brazilian Rodizio Restaurant Guide is a quick reference on how to browse and plan your rodizio dining experience online!

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