11 Game Changers For Your Disney World Trip This Year!


Boarding passes, FastPass changes, NEW rides and TONS of construction — 2020 in Disney World is gonna take some serious planning, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with ALL the details!

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  1. I need captions to watch movies/videos and there seems to be captions on everything but Dfb! Whys that? 😔

  2. Today I was looking at the My Disney Experience app and the Minnie and Mickey’s Runaway Railway had more of a wait time than Rockin Roller Coaster Tower of Terror And Slinky Dog Dash

  3. Skyliner FTW. I would not even consider booking a hotel not on the Skyliner or a Magic Kingdom resort especially with the ROTR boarding groups. That will put your best plans into chaos because you don't know when it's going to come up. When walkways open from Grand Floridian and Polynesian, that will be great as well. Lyft (not Minnie Vans unless going to MK) and skyliner make the bus nightmare completely avoidable except for MK return. Didn't try it, but I'm thinking a walk to Contemporary then Lyft to resort may be a great option. Would be interested to see if that has worked for other folks.

  4. I am SO grateful for your videos! My trip in January would not have been the same without them, so THANK YOU! These 2020 centric videos have made me far too eager to book another trip this year, haha.

    Sidebar, I really hope with the addition of Mickey + Minnie's Runaway Railroad they change the fast pass system; there's no reason Alien Swirling Saucers can't be a tier two just to balance things out. Even Tower of Terror since it can fit so many people on the ride at once wouldn't be a bad addition.

  5. Most valuable information! But now I feel a little on edge about rise of the resistance! We are going during Christmas week 2020 and I feel I’m going to be the volunteer who has to be there at 6 AM while leaving my family at home just so I can get us a boarding group LOL but if that’s what I have to do!!

  6. Question: Lets say I enter the park on a Monday and i get a boarding pass for ROTR but i don't get on the ride due to an overwhelming amount of people before me. Does my boarding pass keep me "in line" for the following day (Tuesday) or do I have to start the process over again?

  7. The rise of resistance system is horrible. I arrived at the park at 4:30 AM and still go boarding group 95. They really need to make it first come first served like it wa before or something

  8. Changes to Rotr!! You CAN NO LONGER book boarding groups before the listed opening time, so unless you are rope dropping another ride, there is no need to arrive before 6:30 or 6:45 on a 7am park opening day!

  9. Best idea. Skip Disney all together and drive an hour west to the best Theme Park in Florida…. Busch Gardens Tampa!

    Especially with Iron Gwazi opening this year.

  10. This video is already out of date, starting Feb 19th all rides at Studios except RotR, Millenium Falcon and Slinky Dog are going to be Tier 2

  11. So I have a question? We have a disabled daughter and we normally use the Disabled pass that we get from member services. Can that be used at Rise of the resistance as it can at any other ride? (we walk up or go to a kiosk and they give us a return time for a specific ride.)So with rise you cannot just walk up and wait in line like other rides.

  12. Staying at POP October 2020. We can't wait to ride the Skyliner. We will get Upgraded Refillable mugs. We can't wait for our trip. We will work out our ride choices for Fastpasses!!!

  13. Pretty sure Ive already commented this already on an older video but if so I never got an answer (or just didnt see it) lol. Last year when I went in January splash mountain was closed for seasonal refurbishment but they were opening it during random times throughout the day. Is that common or was I just lucky?

  14. My friend and his family are going this year. So I’m living vicariously through them and sending them all your videos 😂

  15. Just curious, I see a lot more adults on Disney than kids? I went to Disneyland years ago and it seemed like there were a lot more kids than there are now. Seems like the adults are using the parks now, just wondering about that.

  16. First time trying the Skyliner, we got stuck for 30 minutes intermittently. It went, it stopped, it went, it stopped,… Never again!

  17. Nice video – I disagree with Topolino having great dishes – we had a pasta dish in our party and it was horrendous for me (shrimp scampi ..) and the other dish were lacking of flavors –

  18. I discovered your channel a few days ago and have been bingeing. You have a great voice for this and, honestly, you give pros and cons. The last time I visited DW was back in Apr 2015. A friend from the west coast was on this coast for work; when she got done, she met me on a Sat at DW. We had a good dinner in Orlando that night then on Sun hit Epcot and Animal Kingdom; Mon we went to Universal for HP world (both parks) and both left on Tue. After viewing several videos from different time frames but most recently, this years, I have concluded a couple of things. One is that the Disney Imagineers are gone and have been replaced by Trendeers or Jump-on-the-Bandwagoneers. I guess sinking that much money into securing the rights to all those franchises means everything has to be geared toward that, getting rid of original rides and ideas. Second is my daughter, son-in-law and I were considering trying to make it down this year or maybe next but, by my reckoning, a one week stay would cost us around $2500-3000 each and that may be low-balling it by $1000 or so. I have a feeling that Walt would not be particularly happy with the direction his dream has gone, at least, not price wise and idea wise. Again, I do like your honesty about the pros and cons; unfortunately, the cons are beginning to outweigh the pros and it is getting worse every year. Not to mention the crowds.

  19. Can someone tell me what AJ's name stands for? It's driving me nuts every time she says "HEY EVERYONE! IT'S AJ!"


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