# 185. Livestream Coronvirus Update 04/22/2020 – Nguồn gốc virus từ đâu?


**English Subtitles Available**
1. Xu hướng và cập nhật con số từ Đại Học Johns Hopkins
2. Cập nhật hướng dẫn trị liệu mới nhất từ Viện Sức Khoẻ Hoa Kỳ

3. Nguồn gốc của Virus
– Basic virology of Sars-Cov-2 from Harvard

– 3 chủng virus A, B, C từ 160 loại genomes

– Phylogenic Tree cây phả hệ của Virus

– Nghiên cứu từ tập chí Nature Medicine cho thấy nguồn gốc của virus từ dơi

– Tác giả Nodel Prize nói rằng Virus Sars-Cov-2 làm từ lab

– Nghiên cứu từ Ấn Độ có lỗi HIV genes in Sars-Cov-2 (sau đó rút xuất bản)

– Nghiên cứu phản biện chỉ ra cái sai của nghiên cứu từ Ấn Độ Analysis of subsequent paper showed errors of HIV theory

– Có khả năng khác không? Could it be a leak from the lab?

2015 First Chinese lab has BTS-4 level
4. Câu hỏi và trả lời

Nguồn: https://rodiziodirectory.com

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  1. Thanks you Dr. Tran Huynh (Wynn). You are so kind and compassionate. We are so proud of you . Just being yourself made this world a better place to live. You are the Best and deserve the Best. May GOD continues to blessing you always and ever. 🙏👏🏻👍🌹💜

  2. Cho tới bây giờ Tàu cộng vẫn không muốn cho Mỹ tới Vũ Hán để tìm hiểu về con vi trùng Vũ Hán này.

  3. Năm 2015 là thời tổng thống mỹ đen Obama đã tài trợ cho phòng lab Vũ Hán, bác sỹ Faucci làm việc cho obama thời gian đó

  4. Dr. Wynn, I have one of my coworker in early Feb , 2020 got very sick and he was out for 1 week. He told me that he can barely stand up and walk at all. 1st 3 days he is out and he could not stand and play at all. On 4 days, he feels little better and he went to 1st care and doctor told him that his oxygen level about 60%. He told him that he needs to get at least 80%. The Dr. puts him on oxygen breather and some meds for about 15 minutes. So when he is back to work, he gives the virus to other 2 coworkers and knocked both of them out for at least 4 or 5 days. Even these coworkers come back to work and they are coughing all the time. Until now , nobody knows these guys having what the virus. I believe these guys giving the virus to other coworker sits about <15ft away from my cube testing positive covid19. He usually walks by my cube all the time. He has been stayed home for about 3 weeks now. I have been going to Target, Walmart, Hmart and Lotte few times a week too. Until now, I do not show any sign of sick, sometimes coughing not sure it is allergy or not. When I see I am coughing or sneeze, I put 1 tea spoon of Manuka Honey made in New Zealand in my mouth and slowly sip that Manuka Honey away in about 2 or 3 minutes. Also I get some elderberry, Emergen-C immune plus and fresh oranges. Until now I have no sight of sick or issue with hard to breath, no fever, etc. Dr. Wynn, have any labs testing using Manuka Honey and elderberry for this Covid19?? I know that Manuka Honey will shut down coughing,etc. Elderberry helps the immune. Also I eat super hot pepper like Ghost , Moruga or Carolina Reaper peppers.

  5. Dr. Wynn. Thank you for all of the informations you posted that clarified lots of confusions, mis-informed. When you have time, could you make a video about how a doctor write an subscriptions for any patient to get the medicines they need since quite a lot of "Net Doctors" posted doses, usage etc. etc. on youtube.

  6. Chuc Dr. wynn Tran luon khoe manh va vui ve. Gia dinh luon an lac. Rat vui va hanh phuc cho nguoi VN noi chung va cong dong VN noi rieng o hai ngoai co duoc mot the he tre tai nang nhu Bs. I am so proud of you DR WYNN TRAN. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF US. THANKYOU.

  7. Cau mong dich benh chong qua, de Bs dc nghi ngoi hihi, cau mong cho Bac sy cung Gd Bs ,cung toan the moi nguoi khap noi tren the gioi luon dc binh an manh khoe. Cam on tam long nhan hau cua Bs luon dat sk cua bn len hang dau. Rat kinh trong va nguong mo Bs❤❤❤


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