7 Humiliating Fighting Game Finishers Too Embarrassing to Survive


We’ve talked before about fighting game finishing moves so humiliating that you’ll die of embarrassment before you die of blunt force trauma. Turns out that we were just scratching the surface, so point your eyeballs at seven more embarrassing finishers that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of. Subscribe for more videos like this every week!

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  1. The last one isn't a finisher 😉 and is #7 The most embarrassing or is #1 and you do the list backwards???

  2. What about villager’s final smash in smash bros

    The attack is just build a house around victim and blow it up for some reason

  3. Isn't there a finisher in mortal kombat where you are made into a snow man? That to me woild be an embarrassing way to die. That, or the finisher in skull girls where you are literally thrown like a rag doll before being impaled by a sword by ceribella. She literally poses with your corpse and everything.

  4. Wait u need u need make a new top and add sumo santa from Clay figther 63 1/3 claytality where he literally shits u into pieces.

  5. An old woman beating the tar out of someone for using her as a makeshift hand grenade is not humiliation, that is karma.

  6. So when Demitri does his gender swap attack, does the hit character also get a name change? Guile would be Girle, and Ken would obviously become Barbie, but is there a complete official list of all the new names?

  7. I had completely forgotten about Orchid’s finisher. Not a huge KI fan, and I’ve only played the original version on SNES, but that’s definitely a WTF-worthy “finisher.” Lmao

  8. 6 – Flash – Orchid
    The answer to the mystery: those aren't boobs, they're a lovecraftian, chest parasite, horror, the mere sight of which drives everyone to brain-melting insanity.


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