9 ESSENTIAL TIPS for the BEST START *SPOILER FREE* Red Dead Redemption 2 | Tips & Tricks


Watch now to get the BEST TIPS for starting a New Game in Red Dead Redemption 2. NO SPOILERS. Do you know them all? 🔽🔽🔽LOOK🔽🔽🔽

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This video is a guide on the essential tips that any and all Red Dead Redemption 2 players should know when starting out. These tips will help immensely.. I hope this video was informative and helped you out. Stay tuned here on the channel because there is more content coming soon!

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  1. Great video Bro, I'm absolutely loving this game. Best tip of ALL TIME for your next video – Double tap L1 on PS4 (No idea what is on x box) to spin your right hand pistol back into the holster, doesn't help anything in any way but you can't really call yourself a cowboy without doing it and it looks cool af!

  2. I finished Fallout 4 before playing this one and thought it was similar..shit, I was so wrong..this thing makes fallout look like kindergarten!

  3. get Arabian horse get Springfield rifle and hut a lot of legendary animals and sell the to the trapper also got to fences and sell all the valuables

  4. thank you, this has helped me get an epic start to a RDR2 Playthrough on PC! btw… it took me a while to figure out the PC controls; "U" on the keyboard will aim up & "X" changes aim shoulder, double tap "Tab" to spin your right hand pistol back into the holster (doesn't seem to work on horsback)

  5. Hope I had seen this sooner. The fear of spoilers really makes you avoid all content related to the game, thank you for this guide dude.

  6. first tip
    bois i got the most expensive horse in valentine and i got jumped by the o driscolls about five minutes later and i couldn't get to valentine and back to save my horse
    450$ down the drain

  7. I got back to playing rdr2 single player, rdr should stay a single player game because it's so much fun

  8. Make sure you guys grab the semi auto shotgun and lancaster repeater as soon as you can. There will probably be a yourube vid about them somewhere

  9. Quick tip, if your horse dies or needs to be revived but you don’t have one close the game really quick, load it up again and your horse should be fine

  10. Ah just got the game now and have 6 hours download time I can't even wait to play.. Meanwhile I keep checking some videos on it. Great stuff to know I sure don't want my horse to die or stuff like that lol

  11. This is a really good video. Nice editing, by the way. U got yourself a subscriber (sorry 4 bad english, brazillian dude here)

  12. Does anyone know how to start a new game?. You cant find anything in the menu to start a new game it just says account picker social club and story and no other options.


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