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List Of “ Stewards Challenges ” included in this Video.

1. Stewards Challenge Day 36 – First Meeting Challenge
Greetings to you, popular pizza parlor proprietor! Your prowess has piqued the palates of our organization: The Stewards of the Sacred Ingredients! You might have noticed our lodge across the street. The saucesayers have foreseen a transcendent za, so we intend to test you with trials of talent and taste. But for now, we want three pies. One plain. One vegetarian. One with meat.

2. Stewards Challenge Day 43 – Group Ingredients Challenge
Can you bring balance to the sauce? I seek a pizza with peace, respectful of mother earth and her bounty. Group ingredients that grow in the ground and those that hang above the soil. And I hate pineapples.

3. Stewards Challenge Day 50 – Stewards Goat Order Challenge
… …

4. Stewards Challenge Day 57 – Fishy Toppings Challenge
Some believe that your pizza was foretold by the saucesayers. I think there’s something fishy about you… and I want you to prove it. Show me a pizza like a deserted beach. Fish swimming in the sea, and not a soul on the sand.

5. Stewards Challenge Day 64 – Quadrilateral Meat Toppings Challenge
Saddle up, buckaroo, I reckon you’ve slung your fair share of pies, but If’n you’re tough tootin’ enough for my trial, I’m gonna need to see a mighty meat pie. Keep quadrilateral meat to one side; the other meats can straddle both sides. Pork only, partner.

6. Stewards Challenge Day 71 – Fruity Toppings Challenge
If your pizzas are truly elite, prepare me a pie that is totally sweet. All the fruit; hold the meat, not even cheese, but don’t put it on wheat.

7. Sauce Sayers Challenge Day 37 – Reveals Your Destiny
I am a saucesayer. Make me a pizza that reveals your destiny. Make me a pizza that reveals your destiny.

8. Stewards Challenge Day 78 – Stewards Final Challenge
My partners report that you have passed all the trials, but the saucesayers foresaw a transcendent za. If you’re the chosen one, you’ll figure it out.

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  1. Bro I need day 86 stewards challenge where the guy says something like 'fair pizza prodigy, I have been sent …your time has nearly come'

  2. shit I don't really search for the games like how to pass this or that just this Good Pizza Great Pizza shit well thank you for this tho hehe you helped me

  3. Do you know how many chapters have the episode 2? I want to know when I’ll start the episode 3, I’ve played 145 days and I don’t want to get bored of the game ):


    Also I bought pizza sauce buddy to do it for me 😄

  5. Do you get a badge for the saucesayers quest cuz I have all the others and I'm not sure if she's the one I'm missing

  6. What if you don’t complete it?… I am in the challenge right now, but I got 1 thing wrong and then it let me retry it and then I did it, after that the they didn’t came again… did I do something wrong? (I accidentally used the normal dough instead of the wheat dough for the goat, and now I’m on day 72 and nothing happened after..)


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