Anthem 2.0 | BioWare Could Tease 5th Javelin & Melee Weapons Soon


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Anthem may be getting a fifth Javelin thanks to some recent teases and breadcrumb details by Christian Dailey (@ChristianDailey). Could this be the long-rumored Paladin Javelin?

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  1. Did someone say javelin prime?
    Costumes/varients instead of extra javelin

    Don't want another warframe game, although it's cool but really pushes other characters to the back and some abilities are just copies from other warfrmes

  2. Hey your anthem I was wondering if we will have to pay for anthem 2.0 as a new game or if it will just come as an update please answer my question if you can?

  3. If there were to be a Paladin jav, I can see it being something like a melee-focused warrior, with support-style abilities for self/party buffs and/or enemy disablers.

  4. Glad to see the news cycle on this game is moving again. liking what im hearing and I hope this game comes back to absolutely shred.(AS in, kick ass)
    We need that to happen, for pretty much all of gaming, this needs to happen.
    No pressure lol.

  5. I would love to see new javelins in the game. Also an unpopular opinion I would like to see more restrictive weapon types than we currently have to give javelins a more unique feel.

  6. I would love to be able to customize my javelin give different javelins different like all to ments and more variety in like the equipment they could have and instead of like the paladin are archetype or type the throw in and said give us swords and maces all that done other stuff and so this way you can carry like a machine gun and a blade or whatever

  7. Be better in my opinion for extending gameplay to have to find the peices of the javlin in the field like in a raid or radom drops yes it's grindy but in my opinion things like that are what make games like this last longer inna way look at games like destiny you have to grind out gear in certain ways to complete it and unlock it's full potential but again it would turn this game into a grindy aspect but at the same time improve gameplay cause it's already a grindy game with the loot system I would injoy a grind and find kinda set gear peices of each already in ln play javlins and have any new javlins be like on commenter says as sub classes ones you unlock by grinding out the gear for say the ranger were you can have a duel set of weapons and your "back bar" you have your sword and board were you can change over and slice and dice also make each class have this full melee "back bar" once the have completed the grind to upgrade the gear and unlock it's full power I mean we are chasing artifacts that as I understand it are capable of all sorts of stuff they change the world on a massive sacle well are capable of that anyway it wouldn't be to far a reach to say that the power is capable of changes to your suit 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Sorry for the run on page of comment. Once my mind takes over it's hard to stop

  8. At this point I'd love to see more content. New Javelin would be cool. But considering I Just use Storm and Colossus, your thoughts on building deeper customization on the current JAvelins would be a lot better. Thanks for all of this info Will.

  9. I would prefer more javelin with different abilities or javelins with melee weapons like a sword and shield (martial arts staff ) hammers with like a tech abilities better assault rifles like a mass effect with different element bullets different with enemies in the force field got to be a little bit upgraded because sometimes the enemies destroy it to quickly

  10. I think we need at least two more Javelins.
    Definitely a melee focused one.
    Stronger Together Brother!
    What Platform u on man?

  11. What ifthe Paladin was a large suit almost the size of a titan. The other javelins would sit inside it. The purpose of it would be for a new area with large wildlife and enemies.

  12. Maybe the paladin will be some kind of support character, or that could also be a cleric or a priest kind of javelin

  13. I have just purchased the LOD EDIT. yet i still havent received my armour reward. Can someone point me in the right direction here?

  14. Not too keen on a whole new jav frame. It would make more sense, to me, for them to bolster the abilities and maybe consider "subclasses" for the existing frames. You've got the tank, the mage, the fighter, and the rogue. A "paladin" is just a cleric-lite version of the fighter, in D&D. If they considered abilities that give slight dips into the other jav abilities and an expanded weapon-type pool, you could create a paladin-esque play style with almost ANY of the existing javs. Same could be said for any of the other javs. You could create a berserker or bulwark (build walls & launch mortars) Colossus, a cleric or artificer Storm, and an assassin (stealth mode) or sapper Interceptor. Just some food for thought and possibly a better option than a whole new jav. 🤷‍♂️🙏

  15. I was happier happy the 4 types just thought that the loot and armour stuff was so difficult to get a few types , other games u get so many different varieties, I don’t want to train robbers like they do is always a cost of these things it should be in the game they sell a game to u

  16. I'm seeing a lot of comments about finding a new ways to customize your Javelin, like only have one main Javelin that you customize through skills, abilities and armor to better suit your play style, or adding sub-classes, say like in Destiny, where each roll (Titan, Hunter & Warlock) have three ability paths (soon four) they can pick to gain different powers that affect combat play style.
    These all sound amazing, and it would make playing Anthem a more personalized experience for everyone. Not just a case of how much of a glass cannon can I turn myself into to deal as much damage as possible, or how much health/armor can I get until I'm basically immortal. I play a colossus with so much health/armor that I can literally walk through GM3 (Grand-Master 3) Strongholds without becoming downed, and when I do get too low all I do is just melee kill an enemy or a group and get all my health/armor back.
    Anyway, I'm so excited to hear about Anthem 2.0 progress, and how things are going, I can't wait (but I will) to get my hands on what Anthem should have been.

  17. I'm personally fine with no more new javs, or as an alternative, maybe being able to cross jav spec customize like use a collosus part on a storm for a cost/loss or vice versa

  18. We need more abilities and jav weapons. I’d like to have a couple different ults to choose from. Just continue expanding the existing ones

  19. I could agree on the fact that javelins are already well balanced. I'm not sure Bioware could exceed 6 javelins. But in rpgs, they is enough archetypes to reach that number. Let's not forget the fact that the new javelin could be more suited to face new environments, enemies or maybe control newly added stuff. We only know the current version of the game. There's enough space for a "full support" armor or "beast taming armor" (which would be niiiiiiice…)

  20. Melee weapons will be dope as hell in this game especially with the way the 3rd person view is thats if tuay build proper sets of weapons to choose from XD or not thay cud just ad squeaky Hammers and swords and stuff to meme be funny the event of sqweek

  21. I know this might sound stupid but I am going to ask this. I just re downloaded anthem because I was bored and now I am hearing about anthem 2.0. Is this a new game or an update? I am genuinely confused.


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