Anthem 2.0 | New Region First Look!!!


Anthem has been rolling out the amazing Anthem 2.0 teases lately courtesy of game director Christian Dailey (@ChristianDailey)! The Pirates of Blood Wind have a new home at the base of a giant Chimera skull!

Art courtesy of Ken Fairclough:

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  1. Honestly I don't think you need to rebrand… The Anthem of Creation… Can create just about anything. So in a sense "Your Anthem" can create anything. I think you should stick with the branding because it's where you started, embrace your YouTube origins! And who says you can't create content for other games! Most of us are here because you make good content, not the name of the channel.

  2. Anthem is a great game yet I can’t wait for 2.0 so We can see this universe expand. I’m super glad that EA didn’t abandon this like they did with Dead Space.
    I’ve Been on Anthem since the beginning and even have an Anthem Hat. 😄🤘🏻

    Yes man.
    Change your Name to “Your”, “Mr. Your”, “Your Games”
    Or “Your Gaming” That is a really good Idea!!!
    We are Stronger together Brother.
    Keep up the good work ✊🏻

  3. I'm super excited to hear more about 2.0, but I really wish that Christian Dailey would stop joking about that blog he's writing. When the week began he flaunted that he gave the blog a title, and yesterday he showed off the first line of "Hello again!"
    I am positive that he's either working hard and doesn't quite have the time to write the blog, or he's just writing funny things in a word document for Twitter while he's actually got significant progress on the blog, but at the moment it's coming across as lazy and I'd really just like to know more rather than have it dangled in front of my face

  4. we did not come just for anthem we came for up to date videos from a creator that keeps it real and 100 and what about insight to your gaming just a thought the channel can cover a lot more

  5. Personally I think your a great content creator and I think your wasted doing Anthem, I would love to see you doing Warframe and other games as well they all would benefit with your talents.

  6. All i can think of is mid flight combat when i see this map , that would be sweet for some visceral combat with some wyvern riding pirates

  7. Honestly, this isn’t really the best news. I don’t want nor do I think the game needs a new area/enemy/stronghold. This is LITERALLY the problem with the game. I was hoping for an over haul. This is not what I had in mind.

  8. I just visited your channel, but personally I feel branching out and doing more games youre interested in would be a lot more beneficial for you, since anthem doesn't get content that much at all. Don't apologize for sponsored content either! You need to pay bills so do we, get that bread.

  9. I would prefer a second channel to keep this exclusively anthem but if that’s to much work for you feel free to rebrand as this is a good time to do if any. I would follow you to a second channel but if this is easier or better for you go for it and I’ll deal with it

  10. Honestly, when you first made your channel, even as excited as I was that you were making dedicated content for Anthem, I knew in the back of my head it wouldnt be sustainable even if Anthem was the best game in the world. You have 40k subs, I dont even think Anthem has 40k players, I dont see anyone being upset about you rebranding. In my opinion you shouldnt do the "Your (Title)" route, when you say Your Anthem it really makes us feel like we had exclusely content for Anthem and a place for us to go for it, changing it to Your(title) to generalize your channel just doesnt seem appropriate, I would just get away from "Your" altogether imo.

  11. My dude, you have been my go to for Anthem, even when I only touch it here and there, but I would be more than willing to see some other games you want to do. Really want to see you do Godfall, and if it strikes your fancy, Mortal Shell, that's coming out by the end of Q3 this year.

    Anyway, what I'm saying is you do you!

  12. Honestly, when you first proposed the idea a couple months ago, I was hoping you’d make another channel. However, I really like the Mr. Your idea. I follow several channels that produce videos about numerous games. Being honest, I don’t watch all their stuff, but I do watch everything concerning games I’m interested in.

  13. Go for it I’ll still keep watching “Your Content” bud! And loving the skull art work, just amazing! Let’s hope it’s going to be as good as it looks.

  14. As long as Bioware redeems themselves for that laughable performance called Anthem 1.0, I am willing to be interested.

    I really wanted to like Anthem… but no pilot skill trees, shallow gameplay/world and a pathetic array of weapons and less than great assortment of abilities turned me off. Even the insanely low flight times of all the javelins except the storm… maaajor turn off. I want to feel the power of the suit. Not be trapped in a tin can that has to be on the ground all the time.

  15. Change away man, there really wont be much to create based off of Anthem for a while yet. Id watch your vids on other games too.

  16. Might be best to just start out the rebrand with 2 to 4 games you cover with Anthem being one of them. I personally prefer content creators that focus a little bit rather than trying to a huge amount of games.

  17. Let's be real here, I haven't played anthem since summer last year. I am not up to date at all I didn't even play the under water stronghold nor the cataclysm. BUT I'm very much hyped for 2.0 I might finally be able to enjoy the game I bought. (also didn't have a pc taht could run it for a while as well). Hopefully this games live up to the expectation I had for it.

    Regarding the new map concept, I like it a lot. The big skull is badass (please tell me there is a stronghold inside there, I wanna fight in a mountain sized skeleton, flight in the lungs and all that 😀 ) and I like the idea of solar panel on a wind turbine, very ecolo friendly these pirates ^^
    I think we might have the most vertical section of the game we have ever witnessed, judging from the conept art and if the concept is actually game accurate. We might be able to bob and weave in the fog to help avoid enemy fire or get attacked by hidden wyverns. This is looking very promising I like it.

  18. Whatever you do, I know I’m with you. I love your channel and understand that Anthem currently is pretty stagnant. So do what you gotta do, and I’ll keep giving you views!


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