AQ3D Breaking Benjamin Battle Concert Guide! ALL 54 Drops & Items! AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG


AQ3D Breaking Benjamin Battle Concert Event Guide! AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG! Live, virtual concerts in our video game! ALL 54 Drops (items!) from Quests, Bosses, and Monsters.
Includes the Pulsarian’s Witness, Eclipsion’s Watcher, Bone & Stone, & Blitzcleft sets. Benjamin Burnley, Aaron Bruch, Jasen Rauch, Shaun Foist, & Keith Wallen Outfits & Guitars (and Bass!)
Weapons: Pulsarian’s Witness Blade, Pulsarian’s Energy Sword, Eclipsion’s Watcher Blade, Eclipsion’s Energy Sword, Blitzcleft Edge, Aganon’s Rune, Bone & Stone Sword, Bone Stone Sword with Bone Shield, Bone Stone Sword with Rock Shield.
Armors: Pulsarian’s Witness, Eclipsion’s Watcher, Bone & Stone, Blitzcleft.
Helms: Pulsarian’s Halo, Pulsarian’s Witness Helm, Pulsarian’s Witness Crown, Eclipsion’s Halo, Eclipsion’s Watcher Helm, Eclipsion’s Watcher Crown, Bone & Stone Helm, Blitzcleft Peaked Helm, Blitzcleft Crowned Helm.
Shoulders: Pulsarian’s Witness, Eclipsion’s Watcher, Bone & Stone, Blitzcleft.
Belts: Pulsarian’s Witness, Eclipsion’s Watcher, Bone & Stone.
Capes: Pulsarian Wings, Pulsarian’s Witness Cape, Eclipsion’s Wings, Eclipsion’s Watcher Cape, Bone & Stone Cape, Breaking Benjamin Cape.
Gloves: Pulsarian’s Witness, Eclipsion’s Watcher, Bone & Stone.
Boots: Pulsarian’s Witness, Eclipsion’s Watcher, Bone & Stone.
Pet: Breaking Benjamin’s Bass Drum Pet.

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Breaking Benjamin Battle Concert Lag & New Yellow Server (video):

Breaking Benjamin Battle Concert, 3 New Titles (video):

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  1. I am in pain because I never got the Shaun Foist outfit which imo looks the best. I just kept getting the Keith Wallen outfit over and over. Not to mention never completing either of the Witness or Watcher sets. At least I got the wings, right?

  2. Muito obrigado me ajudou muito com o boss Eclipsion não sabia que tinha que entrar no Server Blue e estava quase desistindo valeu mesmo S2

  3. It would have been so good if there was a permanent travel form for non cash player with a little bit decreased speed

  4. Whats the max level of the quest in Yulgar's inn im already in rank 10 and i hadnt unlocked the other "items"

  5. Great video. Only thing I’d say is Blue Dragon is doing Eclips only. Red Dragon Polar only. Not sure about Yellow.

  6. also here's another version of the list, organized by set

    Band outfits:
    ~ benjamin burnley
    ~ aaron bruch
    ~ jasen rauch
    ~ shaun foist
    ~ keith wallen

    Band weapons (guitars & one bass):
    ~ benjamin burnley
    ~ aaron bruch
    ~ jasen rauch
    (edit: i originally listed shaun foist here as well but there doesnt seem to be a weapon for him)
    ~ keith wallen

    Pulsarian set:
    ~ witness blade
    ~ energy sword
    ~ witness armor
    ~ head
    ~ halo
    ~ witness helm
    ~ witness crown
    ~ witness shoulders
    ~ witness belt
    ~ wings
    ~ witness cape
    ~ witness gloves
    ~ witness boots

    Eclipsion set:
    ~ watcher blade
    ~ energy sword
    ~ watcher armor
    ~ head
    ~ halo
    ~ watcher helm
    ~ watcher crown
    ~ watcher shoulders
    ~ watcher belt
    ~ wings
    ~ watcher cape
    ~ watcher gloves
    ~ watcher boots

    Bone & Stone set:
    ~ sword
    ~ sword with bone shield
    ~ sword with rock shield
    ~ armor
    ~ helm
    ~ shoulders
    ~ belt
    ~ cape
    ~ gloves
    ~ boots

    Blitzcleft set:
    ~ edge
    ~ armor
    ~ peaked helm
    ~ crowned helm
    ~ shoulders

    ~ aganon's rune (weapon)
    ~ aganon's back rune (cape)
    ~ breaking benjamin cape
    ~ breaking benjamin bass drum pet

    i was hoping whoever's in charge of the wiki would post a list so i could make a checklist but they havent yet

  8. Hi Bailey its me again 😀

    Pulsarian's halo
    Pulsarian's head
    Eclipsion's head
    Eclipsian's halo
    Pulsarion's energy sword
    Eclipsion's energy sword
    Are for guardian only 😀

    Nice video again Bailey.

  9. Bailey, Helkarloth here!
    As you kept your promise I kept mine! 😀 you do a great job on these, definitely hyped! <3

  10. I was looking forward to cosplaying as ecpilson but the wings and halo are guardian items so I couldn't equip them

  11. Not sure if everyone knows this, but when the portals open on the two floating islands, a blue and yellow guitar spawns on the 2 vacant islands. Depending on which one you interact with, its does a major blow on the titan HP


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