Atari Game Wallet // How-To


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I used an

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  1. I have been wanting a wallet phone case that leaves the screen open at all times. Would love to see your iteration of one. If you need any project ideas.

  2. smart no one will rob you of a wallet disguised as an Atari game unless you are robbed by an old fashioned gamer who desires multiple of each game then you're screwed in really deep by a drill.

  3. you're making no good with this, do a more clever project not a destructive one like this, do a project for a 3d printed atari cartridge replica with an atari GAME sticker replica, this is no good at all for software preservation, you must think about this, you are doing NO GOOD.

  4. Could it be possible to 3D print an entire cartridge replica, paint it black, then make a custom ILTMS label? You wouldn't have to destroy a vintage cartridge that way, but it would be completely recognizable as one.

  5. Thank you for making this video, I just made one out of an asteroids cartridge and I already had a zippo wallet that it for right over and it is perfect.

  6. just one suggestion: find a way to incorporate a magnet closure instead of elastic. would give it a much sleeker appearance. 🙂

  7. does anyone know if u can use a gameboy cartridge to make this wallet? can't find any atari games in my house

  8. The only thing I'm gonna do with mine is instead of your tape hinge I'm gonna use 3D printed hinges that I made they are super thin

  9. That is a very cool idea. I would need to redo the game label though, seeing a hole in there would make me nuts. 🙂 On an other note, it's kind of sad to sacrifice an Atari 2600 game cartridge to do that. It be cooler to 3D print the cartridge and make it out of that.

  10. That advertisement was so abrupt and random, if I were you I would place it in the beginning instead of interrupting the build process. I came here to watch a video about how to make a wallet out of an Atari game, not a video about getting security for my home.

  11. Walk into Bobs house, alarms start playing and Miniguns pop out of the walls and aim at you. All of the the floors disappear to reveal pits of lava.


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