DBPG: UFC Drinking Game


Hot off the heels of McGregor vs Diaz at UFC 196, Brian and Jim go head to head for the DBPG IC and World Titles in UFC Undisputed 3. Can the underdog pull through again and reclaim his title? Once again, the loser drinks a loser brew.
#McGregorvsDiaz #UFCUndisputed #DrinkingGame

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  1. This is the best video I've seen all week! So looking forward to UFC200 this week…waiting for your update video after 202!

  2. This was a great video. Highly entertaining. I don't like the looks of that loser brew… but thankfully I didn't have to drink it. 😉

  3. Lol it's common sense to know a fighter that's has a black belt in ju jitsu would submit him, and great video!

  4. As I've already said I am not into UFC at all but at the same time this was still entertaining for me. That bad one reminds me of some of the drinks I hear about on LK's show sometimes hahaha.

  5. i knew it! jim and i both were rooting for diaz. man im such a lightweight when it comes to booze if i had to drink 7 beers plus that last one in such a short period of time oh boy id be in trouble and its scary how good brian is at ufc undisputed! drunk tmnt run?? hell ya guys!

  6. I should have trimmed my beard for this…and probably gotten a haircut…


    ….and learned how to play a UFC game


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