Dell P2317H LED Monitor Review


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This is my full review of the Dell P2317H LED monitor. Great value for money, great price with only one or 2 hiccups. Watch the video to find out more.

Find the unboxing and assembly video here:

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  1. for gaming i reccomend the sceptre 24 in curved 144hz monitor i have one of these dells ofr my second monitor…and i have two others for my girls setup

  2. I don't think the lack of audio should be a demerit on the monitor. Dell's P series monitors are designed for office and workplace use, so having an audio out isn't a priority.

  3. 1.Is 6ms response time bad for gaming?
    2.Is there any ghosting or input lag?
    3.Can you tell me if the colours are vibrant with good contrast?

  4. Hello! Did you see any dead pixel (dark pixel) or Bleeding light (corners and low and high part of the screen with a lot of light on Black image)?

  5. Some people say that image looses details while displaying dark scenes and this might be a bit problematic especially during movies or games. What do you think about that? Is that true?

  6. is recommended use it for gaming?
    I'm not gonna be eSports or a pro player, i only play casual games like BF1, Overwatch, LoL etc.
    I refer to this monitor because has 6ms comparing to others with 4ms o lower

  7. Have you done any formal testing as to the colour accuracy of this display? I work with colour and while this monitor looks great otherwise, I can't find any other reviews that touch on colour accuracy. Anything you can say about it?

  8. Nice review, I'm thinking of picking one of these up for some multi purpose use like casual gaming, some movies and browsing. I don't do any hardcore gaming so 144 FPS isn't a need for me, I prefer nice colors and viewing angles above all. Would you say the color calibration is fairly accurate in terms of white and black levels?

    Now that you've had it for longer, would you still recommend this monitor as Newegg has it on sale right now for $139.99 new which seems to be a great deal.

  9. Hey nice video man… I'm about to buy this monitor next week and I see that I have found one that seems to have tactile buttons on the image, and i really want to have the touch ones because they are a BIG plus for me since I'm so lazy most of the time. Well I'm asking if this is only happening to me? BecauseI kind of see buttons.

  10. Looking into getting one of these, and I have to say this was a really solid, quality review. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

  11. So the only differences between the Dell P2317H and P2417H is the screen size and 3.5mm audio jack? The panel is exactly the same on both models?

  12. If i connect my laptop with this monitor i wouldn't have this Audio Problem do i? 🙂 Sorry noob here. Nice review tho. Thumbs up!

  13. good video, one suggestion. don't crush the black in the colour grading on a product review since it hides the true colour of the said product.

  14. I have a few questions for you mate:

    1 – I have a Home Theater set with a P2 (3,5mm) plug…will it work if I use a P2 >USB adapter on this monitor? Do you have any idea?

    2- I bought 2 LG monitors with IPS panel (23mp55hq, 22mp58vq). Returned them both for excessive IPS glow/backlight bleed.
    Do you think I will have this problem with Dell P2317h? I know it is 'normal' for IPS monitors, but…

    Thank you for uploading this review, it was very helpful. Buying this monitor tomorrow. ^^

  15. have you find a good color calibration? out of the box the monitor was slighty greenish, curious to know if/what custom rgb colors are you using !


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