Developer Diaries: New Balance Tests


A massive test of new balance will be held in the next 10 days in World of Tanks. New shell mechanics are being introduced to the game, which also includes changes to SPG shells and a total rework of HE shells. The hit points of all vehicles have been increased. The Tech Trees of all nations have been reworked. What awaits the game in the future? How can you participate in the new balance testing and get days of WoT Premium Account? Watch the video to find out. Enjoy the video!

Everyone can take part in testing—you just need to download and install a special client: You will also have the opportunity to leave your feedback on the proposed changes in a special questionnaire.

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  1. Update 19/02:

    Dear players,

    Some people might currently be experiencing technical issues with the survey because of a high number of simultaneous requests to this service. If that is the case for you, you will still be able to return to the survey later.

    We understand the situation and as soon as the situation stabilizes, we will keep you informed.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

  2. wargaming please, im sure you've talked to the wot blitz development team, see what happened to blitz after update 5.5 after they removed all the lower tiers? a huge influx of new players at high tiers who don't know a thing they're doing and ruins the experience for other players. Multiple veteran and famous players in the blitz community have quit the game because of this change, and when asked, new players do not find the old tech tree to be complex, they even think its more appealing. Also removing some of the most iconic vehicles from your game is a detrimental decision.

  3. wow I cannot believe how dumb these things are or how bad at their "job" they are!!! It cant even be described just how miserably stupid and how little talent or understanding these things possess! I can only characterize it as pornographic/horror that these things actually exist. ALL of creation would be exponentially, astronomically, infinitely better if NONE of these things had EVER come into existence. Their absolute lack of intelligence (couldnt find 2 brain cells to rub together in the whole of the WG/WoT), talent, skills and any kind of clue as to what they are doing shows from every brainless section of this stupidio. From the most idiotic control scheme EVER, worst maps of any genre in any era EVER, "physics / math" that a 2 year old dog could do better to the most ridiculous RNG, just to emphasize their complete and utter idiocy

  4. who cares – it's a GAME – enjoy – also; this is just crap. With these nerfs and buffs, wargamming is trying to please Everybody,

    and you know as well as I that you Can Not do that.

    Wargamming started with reality and quickly went to a freakie, fantasy game.

    Is there a game, out there, that has tanks that are as they are supposed to be?

    Let them be what they were; no more no less. – that’s what I would like to play.

    You just cannot ‘make’ all tanks equal.

    Trying to balance a game that, by nature, is NOT BALANCED! WTF – that’s ridiculous-jdr

    Give me a tank game that has actual tanks that were in ww2 – no upgrades or tiers – just like it was – sign me up

  5. "Ooooof I accidently grinded the IS-4 instead of the IS-7 because the tech tree looks so complicated…"
    – said no one ever!

  6. I love the tech tree as it is now. I like having a bunch of options. It definitely is not complicated, you can just folow the lines. more complex tech trees are better and more fun.

  7. – special ammo will be still p2w and way to expensive
    – AP do more dmg? its useless then you cant pen
    – crew system is still terrible and p2w
    – consumables also still p2w
    this is no new balance. tanks are extreme unbalanced,god armor tanks are still the nr.1 choice. and all the losers will still use p2w ammo only.

    other games have zero p2w factors and make more money then you. wake up or more and more players will leave your p2w game

  8. And again wg u shows us, that u wont listen to any of ur players. I havnt seen anyone ask for this. But hey, its not the first time u have ignored ur players.

  9. So basically you ruined the combat potential of the t62a, amx30/30b and 113 due relentless power creep and retarded needs and buffs. But instead of fixing your mistake by finally balancing these vehicles so they perform better in current meta, you take the easy way out and just remove them….cowards.

  10. i didnt get those 5 premium days that you WG promise after those 3 missions on sandbox and after i completed the survey on normal server i wonder if you Lied to us cause i am a player that keeps in touch with allot of people that waits for your Promisses i hope you do what you said

  11. This shell rework just mean that the all tanks which have penetration on standart shell less than 270 will lose some DPM against well armored tanks like type 5 heavy (applies mainly for meds and lower tier tanks, because for example type 5 heavy have better chance to penetrate you with standart shell, so you lose your dpm but he doesnt), so just lets go play TDs

    1. Gold spam
    2. Arty
    3. New player experience succ

    1. Gold spam
    The current proposed ammunition fix does not reduce the "premium spam" something that can be infuriating for new players. Please consider the following…

    rather than changing the shell parameters, give each gun per tank a unique ammunition load out that the player does not have to pay for. (cost, balanced with a higher tank repair cost)

    consider the following.

    M4 Sherman

    75mm M3 (stock gun (higher "premium" ammo count) to make the stock grind easier for the new player experience)

    60 "standard" AP ammo

    25 "premium" ammo

    5 HE "tactical" ammo

    (total ammo count=90)

    105mm M4

    30 HE "tactical" ammo

    16 HEAT "premium" ammo

    (total ammo count=46)

    76mm M1A1 (top gun (lesser "premium" ammo count))

    65 "standard" AP ammo

    20 "premium" ammo

    5 HE "tactical" ammo

    (total ammo count=90)

    The main aim of this change is to avoid players simply loading nothing but "premium" ammo and leveling all players (free to play vs pay to play) to have a fair fight every fight.

    The second purpose of this change would be to encourage players to select the RIGHT shell for each shot. with a limit to how many "premium" shells a player can use. the player has to decide "will i need this "premium" ammo later or do i need it more now"

    Another key benefit to implementing this idea is that the shell configuration can be used as a method of balancing tanks that underperform.


    Tiger II 10,5cm Kw.K L/68

    35 "standard" ammo

    5 "premium" ammo

    2 "tactical" ammo

    the tank under performs due to lack of ammo

    Tiger II 10,5cm Kw.K L/68

    25 "standard" ammo

    15 "premium" ammo

    2 "tactical" ammo

    The tank performs better due to more "premium" ammo for the player with no extra cost to the player

    2. Arty
    Arty should become more flexible in regards to mobility, HP pools and gun handling characteristics at the cost of much slower shell travel speed, this in turn encourages arty to be closer to the action in a similar gameplay style to tank destroyers.
    With arty closer to the combat scene light tanks become the natural predator, and gives all tank a "better" chance to fight back when they get hit by an arty shell.

    3. New player experience
    -Tech tree.
    If players are complaining they cant find the correct line to research. Simple solution (without removing 90+ tanks) when hovering over a tank on the tech tree, highlight the main line to follow to research the tank. (simple?)
    -In game experience.
    Well done WG, i think you got this one right. buff the lower tiers HP will give new players more chances to make mistakes and not get stomped by a seal clubber


    Thanks for reading this far. I really hope to see these changes made in the future.
    Especially the ammo loadout change. I believe it could see the return of the WOT Esports scene. And over all enhance the new player experience.

  13. Wargaming kills WOT: With this patch it was the last match. 8 years Premium Account: No more money from me. More Reality, improvement: Hahaha. Good By Wargaming!!!


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