DIY Couch Gaming Platform


If you’re going to spend a bunch of money on a couch gaming platform, why not make it customized just for you?

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  1. I glued a piece of acrylic to the bottom of an extended mousepad for $9 and glued neodymium magnets to prevent my keyboard from sliding but still detachable. I even glued little raceways for cables on the back

  2. That's why I love consoles – you just need a controller in hand and… that's it! Say what You want, but console comfort and simplicity can't be achieved on PC..



  4. As a carpenter I am shocked you still have all your fingers after using a table saw like that. Next time you do this you should consult a professional on saw safety because I am literally cringing right now.

  5. I don't like it, because you cannot cross or spread your legs with this one because of those boxes on the sides. The comfort of couch gaming for me is specifically because I'm much more free in my leg positions.

  6. Please tell me I'm not the only crazy fucker that uses a laptop on top of a piece of wood? Might take a look into one of these foams there

  7. All that faff to accommodate wires when anyone with half a brain would be using a wireless setup in their living room. This could be so much simpler, lighter and more comfortable with just one piece of wood.40cm x 80cm is pretty much perfect, giving you a good surface area to keep it stable and have a snack or two whilst not being cumbersome. Not to mention the fact that one flat piece is way easier to store away when not in use. You want something you could slide under your sofa inbetween sessions ideally.

  8. Great video…but please tell the editor to tone down the orange (~35 second mark etc.). Your hands and face are nearing oompa loompa range.

  9. Help Linus I am bedbound and I need help making a setup comfortable enough to game from my bed laying down. Thanks

  10. Sorry looks ridiculous and is not useful. Do you even know what's couch gaming is. This thing is nearly as big as the couch. What is if you need to stand up or where to store and how many people do you need to get it in position and back.
    It would be a better idea to bring the couch to you're desk.

  11. hm. I don't have access to tools or workspace to make this. is the another video covering pre-fabricated couch desks that I could order?

  12. Why not just make the ends come down far enough that it rests on the couch either side of you, and not on your lap?


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