Game Theory: FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG!


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FNAF 4 is here and this time I’m ready! I had originally planned for this episode to come out before FNAF 4 was released, but you can always count on Scott Cawthon to ruin all my plans… Either way, as soon as I started to see what this game was about in the trailers, I knew I had to come in and set the record straight. This episode is all about the evidence in the game that points straight toward the Bite of 87, as well as how the Bite of 87 itself makes FNAF 4 absolutely IMPOSSIBLE! Happy you guys didn’t have to wait for weeks for this one–enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Matpat: you’re playing as the kid of the bite of ‘87
    Me: it’s the bite of ‘83
    Also me: eh I’m not gonna end this mans career 😑😾

  2. U see how he said that the injury causes physical problems etc
    Notice when the person u play as faces the floor when u go up to the closet or doors
    Just a fact to prove his theory alil more

  3. I just noticed that when you make a new theory channel you change your intro by making one of the four greens a different color nice 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    So it was green green green green to green red green green to green red yellow green and next will be green red yellow blue

  4. Ik you go back and fix this later on, but that kid is not the 87' victim. He's 83'. And I don't mean 83 years old. That would be crazy.

  5. “This game is impossible” yeah and animatronics being possessed by dead children is impossible but nobody said anything

  6. HOLD IT aight so at the start of the game it says 5 days BEFORE the party and when did miachel get bitten? AT THE PARTY so most of this theory is wrong BUT Night 6-8 are after the party wich is why mos of this theory is wrong but osme is correct

  7. MatPat: this isn’t scientifically possible

    Me: Unless this took place BEFORE the bite

    Scott: hehe correction, ‘83

  8. This theory may have ended up being debunked pretty hard, but if nothing else it made me seem very smart in front of my psychology class when I knew a ton about the frontal lobe and phineas gage

  9. Who said he lost his entire frontal lobe, it just said that he was injured in the frontal lobe right? That means it could heal or it could not have been as bad. Which means there is a possible way where he could have fear.
    IDK what it is with everyone but I guess a lot of people are checking in in 2020?


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