Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered (PS4) – All Drinking Fountains, Artifacts & Ghost Scans


Ghostbusters The Video Game remastered for the PS4. This guide will show you everything you need to know to get the Platinum Trophy. It includes all drinking fountains, ghost scans and artifacts. Also included are mission specific trophies for a full all in one guide.

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6 artifacts
6 scans
3 fountains

Times Square 4:38
6 artifacts
6 scans
2 fountains

Public Library 8:04
6 artifacts
10 scans
1 fountain

History Museum 13:49
6 artifacts
11 scans
1 fountain

Return to Hotel Sedgewick 18:19
6 artifacts
6 scans
1 fountain

Lost Island 22:11
6 artifacts
2 scans

Central Park Cemetery 24:57
6 artifacts
7 scans

★ This Game includes the following trophies ★


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  1. How long is this game, is it short? I looked on the how long to beat website and it said, around 9 hours to complete everything. I'm just wondering because, I've been thinking about buying this game soon.

  2. If the trophy bugs for I've quit better jobs than this just reload check point and keep spraying of the green patches that don't eventually fade and the the trophy should pop

  3. This guide is really good… just for reference for people who haven’t done professional difficulty the worst part is the stone angels🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ more than 18 tries.

  4. Why is there no trophy guide for this game? Should I use the guide for the original game, just minus the online trophies?

  5. If I replay a previous mission, do I then lose all of my progress of scans and access to those levels I’ve already completed?

  6. You had to completely remove the black slime in that room with the clock. The black slime will turn green than disappear.

  7. Great guide got me all the trophies mentioned in the video. Did this while on professional difficulty :] Thank you once again Brian!

  8. This is 2nd popular video that shows you have to scan the slime or ooze. The achievement-trophy says scan all paranormal creatures. In mission select it even shows how many creatures and artifacts are left in that chapter. You do not need to scan any slime, ooze, only scan creatures, ghosts, entities, possessed items-monsters. You will save time. Same as ps3 and 360. He says you have to scan 4 different slimes-ooze. That is incorrect as it is not required for platinum or this particular back off man I'm a scientist trophy!

  9. Got Platinum Trophie about a month ago… Let's just say I watched this video like 15 times. 😂 Thanks, this guide is the best on YouTube!

  10. If i missed a water fountain or artifact, can i go back to get it on a second run or chapter select and it will still sav over?

  11. Love your videos there a great help. It's hard to find a good video where the person talks through the steps

  12. For The I've Quit Better Jobs Than This Trophy. It won't pop after you clean all the black some from ceiling and walls. I kept on cleaning spraying all over the place even you can't see it try that for about 5 mins, it popped for me.

  13. So happy they removed the online trophies because the servers were shutdown years ago.. now I'm in with a good chance at that plat! Thanks Brian! 🙃


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