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  1. Songs:
    0:01 V.F.M.Style-arabian drift
    0:14 Consoul Trainin Feat. Steven Aderinto & DuoViolins-obsession
    0:22 Defqwop Feat. Strix-heart afire
    0:33 (couldnt find)
    0:55 yes-roundabout
    1:10 Colonel Bagshot-six day war
    1:47 queen-We Are The Champions
    1:58 Fitz And The Tantrums-handsclap
    2:30 luciano michelini-Il Barone Rosso (From "La Bellissima Estate")
    2:56 the Avengers-theme song
    3:05 (couldnt find)
    3:13 Kevin MacLeod-habanera
    3:30 Breakbot Feat. Irfane-baby i am yours
    3:42 overmono-Phase Magenta
    4:03 Yam Nor And Mihashu And Midiboy-Rock It (Corporation Mushrooms Remix)
    4:13 fail recorder-mission impossible
    4:24 тату и rammstein-покажи мне любовь
    5:12 caravan palace-comics
    5:41 gandalf sax guy
    5:44 (couldnt find)
    5:55 mission impossible saxophone
    6:12 Capitão De Areia-afterclapp
    6:21 star wars-imperial march theme
    6:29 hugues reiner-Carmina Burana-O Fortuna
    6:39 natasha shneider-Who's In Control
    6:47 neko-7th loliment
    7:46 poproboval-United Uzao
    7:55 hayden james-Something About You (Extended Mix)
    8:06 Robin Hustin & TobiMorrow Feat. Jex-light it up
    8:14 Carpenter Brut-roller mobster
    9:02 David M Fiori-kings battle
    9:11 jim carrey-Cuban Pete
    9:17 (couldnt find)
    9:36 Jack Stauber-buttercup
    9:50 Angerfist & Predator-legend
    10:04 (couldnt find)
    10:14 Nancy Ajram-waving flag
    10:25 piano fantasia-Song For Denise (Maxi Version)
    10:33 the heavy-How You Like Me Now
    10:46 aaron smith-dancin krono remix
    10:53 Местами Экспонат Feat. Aisha-Не забирай меня с пати [Ремикс]
    11:01 groove delight-Violins Space
    11:13 white gangster-OMG (Original Mix)
    11:20 C-Bool-never go away
    11:28 the prodigy-Timebomb Zone
    11:34 martin garrix-animals
    11:40 Ricky Remedy Feat. Bok Nero-road rage (go stoopid)
    11:53 bosson-believe in love
    11:58 Gigi D'Agostino-bla bla bla
    12:06 technotronic-Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)
    12:16 jesper kyd-Ezio's Family
    12:24 Traci Lords & Juno Reactor-Control (Juno Reactor Instrumental)
    12:43 (couldnt find)
    12:48 NBA-RSAC
    13:09 TULE-Fearless

    If you will find other songs, send them under my comment, have a nice day 🙂

  2. at 1:55 the Chicken Sound is not long enough and goes in to the next clip and from there all of the sounds are off…… Hard to watch. Love your videos though.


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