Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son | Part 1 | GOTTA FIX THE TIME LOOP


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Groundhog Day is a masterpiece of a film. One of my favorites. And now there is a sequel, only available in VR. This is a combination of my favorite worlds and I’m so excited to experience it.

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son is a VR game where you play as Phil Jr., son of Bill Murray’s original character. He’s forced to come home to Punxsutawney where he simply doesn’t want to be. And things don’t work out. Over. And over. And over again. Until we fix a certain day.

Let’s do it!

Groundhog Day Like Father Like Son:

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  1. just played thru this scene. watching this video was wayyy more entertaining than the actual game, cuz the controls are so clunky. I had all the same reactions, grabbing the wrong response text to the girlfriend by accident, the smoothie logic progression before finding the vegan magazine, shooing the cat!

  2. This is a neat game. I guess I'll have to subscribe here and watch it all! Be nice if the YouTubers I've been subbed to for a while had played this, I think they'd enjoy it. Especially Jack Septiceye…
    Have to say, the Groundhog's Day Timeloop/Gamer Save & Load is one of my top 5 superpowers I wish I had. Neat to learn there's a VR game about it.

  3. I like how the alarm clock at the beginning plays the same song from the Groundhog Day movie! Nice little reference

  4. i have this problem, when im playing this game my controllers doesnt work. They work great in other games but not in this game

  5. Woah! I didn’t know you did this game! I saw the trailer a few months ago and thought it was weird that they made a direct sequel to a big movie as a vr game lol. Plays out better than I thought it would

  6. Love the vids and it's amazing how u upload a video a day u inspired me to buy a VR headset and make a YouTube channel thanks love the vids 👍👍👍


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