Heroclix Travel Vlog 2018 – Game Cafe, Independence MO!


So I traveled a bit at the start of 2018 from Omaha to Kansas City to see some friends and play in a Heroclix tournament. Why not film a bit of that for you guys!

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  1. I enjoy it when someone comes to our place, Thank you so much even if this Comment is a little late for stopping by and bringing an outside light to Game cafe, another one I would say needs some love is warhammer right arcoss from the mall. they do Warhammer 40k stuff mostly but their rather small and people have all but forgotten about the tiny building among the giants.

  2. I busted up laughing at those creepy dolls 😂 if you ever make it out to Los Angeles, we have an awesome tabletop game cafe called Game Häus that you should check out 😊

  3. very nice super rares..i'd love to get that wolverine /x-23 duo..but that scarlet witch looks good to..wish where i play at did something like that..it would be fun to get a blind bag like that and just see what you get out of it..also a the event did anyone actually get cloak and dagger duo from  civil war in one of those bags?

  4. I used to play there when I was playing a lot of Heroclix. Nice place for sure. I remember winning the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos there. Through a quirk of the format, even though I had won all my games and taken all available points, there was still a chance I could lose if either player in the remaining game scored full points. It was the only time I've watched a game of Heroclix rooting for slower play. It was agonizing watching the last minutes tick away with both players one or two good hits away from winning. But, time sounded without either scoring many points, so I got my Thanos.

  5. Sorry you lost your footage 🙁 that always sucks. But I really enjoy this type of thing seeing cool gaming stores in other places. Those are some creepy dolls!! Thanks for the content!

  6. thats awesome…ive been looking for that flash for a long time…as i have missed some of those older sets…too bad the footage got lost but looks like a good time!


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