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There is One Poor Homeless Man Or A Beggar Who Ask For Free Pizzas Multiple Times Through Out Chapter 1 in ” Good Pizza Great Pizza Game “. Watch this Epic Story Of Homeless Guy to know how he helped us to Defeat Our Competitor Alicante. Poor Homeless Man Feed Pizzas to Bears in the Local zoo and trained them.

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  1. I love your videos fun to watch and really helpful me and my best friend enjoy playing this game and it’s made us closer too 😁❤️

  2. So Its game over for me because I said no to him on the first meeting? Cause there's no way to get to chapter 2 now right?

  3. I never got the whole bears or become buddies w him, I think when he asked if there was left over pizza I said no, maybe that's why, but he did still come back but not that often and he developed an app, asked to borrow money for it a bunch of times, he then becomes successful and pays me back, haven't seen him in a while, hope he'll be back soon

  4. Where did mine go TvT
    I remember helping both homeless dudes but the bear trainer never came back
    I’m already on day 53 i-i

  5. I was now at chapter two…I got new toppings, upgraded the topping area and nrw chsllenges I thought everything was normal until I watched your video, I always say no to the homeless but still I unlock chapter two

  6. Actually in my version, i just kept on playing normally and the homeless man never came. But after i completed day 30, i unlocked chapter 2,and when i was watching pnn (pizza news network),it said that alicante had a yard sale selling EVERYTHING. I dont know how, i dont know why, but he quit. I never saw him again. Then lately i noticed that the pnn does not have any news. So i just kept myself entertained with the reviews on my pie chart. I saw a review that complains that i did something wrong when i gave the EXACTLY what they wanted. But then there was a part of the review that made my jaw drop. It was “this pizza was worse than alicante’s vegan pie-tastrophe”. I suppose thats why he quit? But besides that, he was certainly gone since i saw his sign taken down.

  7. I said no to the homeless guy a couple of times. Around day 40 or something he asked me to borrow $100 dollars for this app thing he was gonna do. A few days later he told me that things weren't going great, and asked me if he could borrow $150. I said no. He only paid me back once $50 only and the second time he wanted to pay me I told him to keep the $50 dollars.
    I'm just wondering where this story goes, if anyone knows.. there were no news of bears, no nothing and I am on day 64

  8. So I played the game, after he freed the bears from the zoo, the bears attacked Alicante's.

    What I didn't realize is that he's gonna be a ringmaster in a circus where he now trains bears…

  9. Hey broooo, after I gave him pizza for the first time it all ways comes in the loading screen that waking up the bears. Lol.


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