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This is ” HOMELESS MAN STORY WALKTHROUGH ” in ” Good Pizza Great Pizza Game “.

A Poor Homeless Guy came to Pizza Shop and begging for Food. Later he asked for some money to Fulfill his Dream of Becoming C.E.O Of A Pizza Delivery App Called ZAZOOM. See this Video to know How A Poor Homeless Guy Becomes C.E.O Of Zazoom.

Also at the ending of this video, there is a Tutorial Of How to Complete ” Zazoom Orders “.

Watch Full Video And Have Fun, Enjoy. 🙂

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  1. This dude was appearing and I made pizza for him evertime. One time I accidentaly refused and he didnt come back ever since 🙁

  2. I had the game on my old phone then I had to restart because I got a new one and before, I had this homeless guy but now I have the one that calls you buddy. I don’t want that one XD I want this one soooooo do you think I can restart and it’ll give me this homeless guy?

  3. The poor man didn't ask me for money and I saw him in news what should I do now?
    ( Sorry for my bad english)

  4. This man gave me 50 dollars after then the hairy man that says I'm his buddy, he gave me 100 dollars 👌edit: He gave me 340 as a repayment but I still don't get the app

  5. i am now in level 132 but i didnt receive zazoom package , do I need to start over again? Also when do chapter 3 start?

  6. Hi please answer but the homeless man needed 100 money from me and I have negative money and I don’t know how to get past that level please help!

  7. I’m on day 52 and he hasn’t asked for money? Should I be worried? Is this normal? Any help would be appreciated

  8. I’ve rejected them both times… is that bad?
    Edit: I haven’t gotten this guy yet though.
    Edit 2: I got the second guy an hour after I posted this comment, and he’s come back a few times, but I haven’t seen him in a while

  9. It's a little odd. I'm already on day 150 and I still haven't recieved the big repayment from Mr. Goldworthy – I didn't even have to pay him 250 bucks and I also wasn't informed about his app breakthrough. He, at one point, just gave me 50 dollars and a few long in game days later this guy from zazoom appears saying I have a package from his boss. I was really hoping that there would be more to this character, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

  10. I saw the news about the ceo, but I
    Can’t remember I gave money to him,
    Also Im on day 106 but I didnt get the
    Zazoom app or the money
    Is there times the news come first??
    ( plus, can I not get the zazoom app
    If I dont give him money?? )

  11. You don't need to feed the hobos to unlock Chapter 3 and ZaZoom. You just need to pass all stewards challenge and Peppertiti. ZaZoom will be automatically unlocked in Chapter 3.

  12. So on the 45th day, the homeless man came and asked for 100.00 dollars. but I only have 16 dollars, if I accept it, my money will become a minus and I cannot go up to the next level. What should I do? please help me:( should i ignore him or what?

  13. I’m mad. I don’t have enough money that he can borrow. If I do give it to him I will go bankrupt. So I can’t help. UGH!!


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