Honest Parazombie Overview 2: SAVAGE!


While I spend most of my time white knighting for these developers, it’s fun to take a step back sometimes, blow shit out of proportion, and get back to my youtube roots.

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  1. I obviously exaggerated many of these problems for comedic effect. However, deep inside every pearl of bullshit I assaulted you with, is a grain of truth. Also, if you laughed at one then got pissed when made fun of your favorite, go fuck yourself.

  2. I prefer fault personally, I haven't had an fps issues or game crashes yet. I had people get dced but it's alpha so not to butt hurt I just let them know and keep playing also your reviews are the best. I just want paragon back to get character reviews back.

  3. i loved playing paragon. i don't like the manual patches of overprime too so i scratched that to play until they release it on steam. i really like how smoothly runs predecessor and being surprised how well done it is. fault is straight the opposite of that and every additional match i played i was more disappointed. And which game does monetize first? of course the worst game of them.

  4. Fault had its issues. that's for sure. I liked the idea of the items though. Does need some optimization. They are to have someone help them with Visuals and stuff I thought within the next few weeks. I'm not disappointed in the alpha personally. Not only because I gave them money and this allows them to use the money to get better, but I as well played predecessor and within a few minutes of the game as Narbash I got stuck under the enemy tower which resulted in my death. They each feel different. Both feel like a version of the diluted "perfect paragon" we all want. There is no such thing. We cannot get back once what was lost and expect it to be successful. We need change to move forward. As said both were good in aspects and had issues in other aspects.

  5. Great video you are one of the few streamers that dare to use the 3 names on a sentence and show clips from each of them. See you in Overprime

  6. On the money about the divided fan base. Only one of these games are likely to survive. New people aren't going to know what they're playing or the difference between them, so it's almost a roll of the dice or whoever come out on top first. Paragon died because the creators reached too far for the Stars and forgot to build the basics – these companies will go the same way if they don't reflect on all the lessons they can be learning at each step.
    Good vid Mangoose, classic; exactly your style.

  7. Only played two rounds of fault I sucked at it but didn't seem to have a problem with the game. Theres alot of people that must not know what an alpha is.

  8. I reckon Omeda will take the jab of limited heroes etc. That's an easy fix. As for Fault…I've played all three and it's nowhere near it.

  9. Hah!😅 I can always count on you to keep us on our toes.
    We love you ManGoose.
    Your sense of humour is amazing! 😏

  10. Its funny that ppl were crashing during games of fault. I'm sitting here with a r7 3700x n 2070 super with no issues.

  11. Still got lots of HOPE and really looking forward to getting into the ETHEREAL UNIVERSE. I can’t wait for that game and project stamina I was a fan of GIGANTIC but didn’t get to play it much as I discovered it just before cancel.

  12. Nice man spot on with what you are saying its all a major let down/still potential there?. Wish AAA Epic would kick start paragon again its all just waiting at there finger tips.A game that ended to soon.


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