How Archero Became a Hit Game and What They Could've Done Better!


Since its launch in April earlier this year, hit mobile game Archero burst to the market and over its first 3 months generated about 19.8M downloads and over $25M in net IAP revenue (according to Sensor Tower)… not including ad revenue.

Some of the key questions we cover in this video:
– Who is Habby the developer behind Archero and how did their past experience and background contribute to Archero’s success?

– What did Archero get right from a design perspective to help it achieve success both in the West as well as in Asia?

– What is the relationship between Archero and hyper-casual games?

– How can Archero be even better and what should the many competitors coming to the market with competitive products be thinking about?

Today we are joined by:

Eva Grillova (@evei): Sr. Game Designer at Smirk Game Studios, formerly game designer at Wooga and Disney Mobile Games.

Abhimanyu Kumar (@k_abhimanyu11): Games consultant, formerly Game Lead at Flare Games, and PM at Zynga

Florian Ziegler: Design consultant at Lava Lake Games Consulting, formerly Lead Designer at EA, Principal Designer at King, and Lead Game Designer at Mind Candy and GREE.

I posted an audio version of this discussion on the Deconstructor of Fun podcast. Check it out:

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  1. Also, I'm surprised that nobody in the dev community is mentioning the fact that archero uses unity store assets for everything but main character. This is not a critic, I was just surprised to see all the assets I have in a bunch of prototypes in a game that's grossing almost half a MIL a day

  2. Nice one, thanks a lot!
    It seams to me tho that the objections you guys have with the meta are coming from looking into a game assuming a different vision. I understand archero as a roguelike with a soft progression system to boost EARLY retention (most of the playerbase may not be familiar with core roguelikes (the likes of TBOI)). Adding granularity and making the itemization strategy meta deeper would only turn the game into something it is not trying to be.
    Would it monetize better? almost for sure.
    Would it have had the organic player base it has displayed? probably
    Would it be what the studio envisioned? probably not (this is entirely my opinion)
    I agree that the equipment system could see some improvements, the fact that 90% of your potential item gains are useless because you're using an in-game obtainable currency that motivates a one-item-focused consumption is improvable.
    For me the "crime" is not trying to innovate in ways a mobile roguelike could monetize. It may sound lame, but having a pack of differnt abilities that could appear during your runs (and that would be power balanced with the rest) for sale would be a start for instance.


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