How To Play Rummy 500 (card game)


Come find out why Rummy 500 is such a wildly popular card game! It’s also called 500 Rum or Pinochle Rummy. In this video we’ll clearly break down all the rules so you’ll be playing in no time. What sets this game apart from other Rummy games is that you can scoop up a bunch of cards at once from the discard pile, which can lead to big scores. You can play this game with two to eight players.

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  1. Is “”call rummy” for everyone even who just discarded that card

    If anyone owns meld 5 6 7 of club and its my turn and draw 3 of club its possible to layoff 4 and 3 of club into that meld

  2. What happens if your discard to end the game is a rummy? Example You have three aces in hand and it's your turn to play. You pick an ace from stock, meld 3 aces and discard your last card which is an ace. Can someone call rummy?

  3. Well, Rulies, I found this presentation very refreshing and I'm wanting to play this! The strangest thing is that it pulled out my fondest memories of playing this with my brother, many, many moons ago! Guessing and hoping to teach my granddaughter this game, seeing that this may be a challenge. But she may be willing, since she's like me😊. Have a most wonderful day!

  4. The card that is collected by calling rummy, can it be used used for making set and run,,,, or only for layoff?????

  5. ey ey ey chinna machan enna machan sollu machan…… andhipantti anitha yaaru machan akkampakkam soolinu paechu machan

  6. if it is my turn and i see two cards that play on another players melds can i pick them up and play only those two cards as my tur

  7. I have always played that you have to discard in order to go out. And if you float then you pick up a card your next go so that you can discard.

  8. When you lay off cards for the other player, say the ace or five of diamonds, how do they count towards your final score?

  9. I always thought non-faces, except ace, were five points. And that you could do QKA. Also that aces were always 15 points. Hm.


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