How to Talk About the Environment in English – Spoken English Lesson


In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about the environment and environmental issues in English.
What’s the air quality like in your city? Do you worry about climate change, or how your food is produced? You’ll learn how to talk about these, and other topics about the environment in this class.

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1. Air Pollution 0:46
2. Waste and Recycling 5:01
3. Talking About Food Safety and Farming 7:52
4. Climate Change 11:41

This lesson will help you:
– Learn useful phrases and vocabulary to talk about air quality and air pollution when talking about the environment in English.
– Discuss waste and recycling and how it affects you and the environment.
– Get different phrases and vocabulary to discuss the safety of how food is farmed and how that affects the environment in English.
– See a sample conversation about climate change and get good vocabulary to use when you talk about the environment in English.

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  1. Don't forget to take the quiz after you watch to check your understanding!

  2. The air quality in my hometown is great . The laws are passed environmental’s defense. They moved a lot of heavy industry away the city. I think the best way to improve air quality : use clean energy such as solar energy, wind energy…, besides all residents aware of the air pollution impact , this people use bike instead of motor or motorcycle .

  3. Wo! I love the lesson . I learnt many important phrases that l will use with my class when the lockdown is over. Thank you so much 😍😍😍

  4. لماذا لا توجد ترجمه إلى اللغه العربيه. أحيانا توجد وأحيانا لا من خلال الثلاث نقاط الموجوده على الجانب الأيمن

  5. Great video! I really liked the mix of dialog, vocabular help and the opportunity to practice each part through good questions! In addition to this, the video is perfect, because you're talking about different aspects of the main topic environment. Thank you!

  6. Hi, Gina and Olí. Both of you look great on this important topic. All the vocabulary is complete.The way you develop this is fantastic and amazing.I look forward to watching more world topics like this.

  7. I live in countryside in the north of Chittagong town. Air Quality is really good in local place but in Chittagong town is extremely bad. Air quality is degrading day by day due to congested diesel driving vehicle, factory garbage, and much more wasted of food.Besides these we are demolishing forest and cutting trees much more than planting trees. National government has taken many steps to improve air quality. Some steps are such as implementing afforestation program, imposing restrictions on driving in the city area etc

  8. I'm worried about global warming, because climate change is caused by increasing level of carbon in the atmosphere, it may lead to several problems such as health problems, flooding. My country wouldn't be affected if sea level rose, but I don't think any country will be immune from the problems if it continues. By me, the best way to deal with climate change is, to make true international cooperation.

  9. In my country there are both big mechanized farms and small farms, but in my opinion they are mostly smaller using more traditional methods. I think it is worth paying extra to eat organic food, because it is necessary for our health and much more environmentally friendly. Of course, it is important to know how our food is produced , because it effects on the quality of our life.

  10. Hi. It is pity to say, but in my city we don't sort our garbage. There are only some places for fun, like Zoo, where you can see different bins for recycling. Our waste is usually sent to a landfill or a dump.

  11. The air quality in my city is really bad, especially in winters. A lot of people use wood fire for heating. You can often get thick smog covering the whole city.I think the local government must bring in new laws and regulations on driving in the city center, make illegal to use wood fire for heating and move a lot of heavy industry from the city. Also, it must be driven by people`s attitudes. Nowadays there are some companies which are trying to solve the problems.

  12. Thanks so much for this well-detailled topic, I really have learned a lot from it. Pls, I have a question, I want to improve in my general writing like essay and minutes writing, which package is better for me?

  13. Hi Gina and Oli! I really love you and I'm all the time following you because your lessons are so helpful. Really really thank you. You are the best👏🗓😍

  14. one of the biggest environmental issues in my country is air pollution because of huge numbers of private cars that produce CO2 as the main greenhouse gas. THANKS for your lesson


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