How To Uninstall System Apps On Android Without Root


How To Uninstall System Apps Without Root. Easiest Way To Remove System Apps On Any Android Phone Without Root.

Platform-Tools[ADB Binary].zip:

ADB USB Driver:


For PowerShell [Windows 10]:

./adb devices
./adb shell
pm uninstall -k –user 0 “name of package”

For Command Prompt [Windows 7 or Earlier]:

adb devices
adb shell
pm uninstall -k –user 0 “name of package”

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  1. It says "Failure [DELETE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR]". Im trying to uninstall app market from realme. Here is the line I typed: pm uninstall –user 0

  2. Best and easy video for removing System apps.
    Uninstalled Samsung reminder, galaxy themes and galaxy store on my Samsung A30.

  3. Is there another command for older phones? Cause my old sony xperia l shows an error saying unknown operation –user
    Please help.

  4. क्या इस तरीके से mi ब्रॉउसर अनइंस्टॉल होगा क्या?

  5. package name
    for cleanmaster – com.miui.cleanmaster (cleaner will be removed from the Security app)
    for mi games – com.xiaomi.glgm
    for mi music – com.miui.player alternatives – ganna,jiomusic,spotify
    for mi video – com.miui.videoplayer alternatives – mx player,vlc
    for mi health –
    for mi browser – alternatives – google chrome.brave,firefox
    for mi notes – com.miui.notes alternatives -google keep ,pocket
    for mi wallpaper carousel – com.miui.miwallpaper
    for mi roaming – com.miui.virtualsim
    for mi Recycle – com.xiaomi.mirecycle
    for mi pay –
    for preinstalled facebook(download it later from play store) –

  6. 1)…Bro mobile me koi dikkt to ni aayegi na update karne bagera ki
    Or 2)…..agar mobile reset karege to kya apps firse bapish aa jayegi ya ni
    Please reply

  7. After shift and right click i dont have open powershell window i am getting open command window here can you tell me how can i do?

  8. fuck you for making me click on this video thinking i might learn something new
    do not write the title in english and talk in hindi
    if u do this constantly u are a fucking moron

  9. It really works!!.Thank you… Irecovered my forgotten app lock by deleting I manager in my vivo phone….. 😃😃

  10. Why when I turned on the USB DEBUGGING then i connect it on the usb to pc why USB DEBUGGING is not present to the options? Please answer thank you

  11. Error powershell in Windows 10, it says "operation cancelled due to restrictions in effect for computer. Pls contact administrator" sad


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