How to WIN EVERY GAME vs. BASTION – Grandmaster Tips and Tricks – Overwatch Guide


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  1. It’s annoying because at lower
    Ranks the enemy literally just pocket the bastion. Every resource goes into bastion. The double shield. The nano, the mercy pocket

  2. I hate bastion comps, every character has to deal with keeping that bastion alive and I can barely kill him, it pains me.

  3. There’s not many situations in life that make you say “god damn it” as much as playing against a damage boosted Bastion sitting behind 2 shields with no way to flank.

  4. Guy plays bastion me plays reaper to shut him down bastion guy bieng toxic and calling me trash me: I dont think u have the facilities for that big man

  5. Excuse me you stupid YouTuber calling bastion a Bot he's the best Character your lucky they reduced his damage and he can't do headshots anymore and they removed his 180°sheild and 25 HP from him and reduced his Turret Accuracy so don't let me hear. You talking bad about bastion because if he still had half the things they removed no one could touch him B**ch

  6. I lost 200 Sr to a bastion because my whole fucking team just ask the dps to kill bastion but me asking for a tank to help or a zen orb just to kill bastion but no

  7. I’ve lost 4 games in a row to bastion and now I’m diamond 💎 I just want him to be nerfed,for me it just ruins the game 😭

  8. Bastion is a really good hero but as a Rienhardt it's a pain to fight so I needed to find out. I didn't want to always change to Orisa just because of a Bastion.

  9. "and never loose to a dumb bastion comp again " WHAT ? is pickrate is 0.29 , and its dumb u think ? playing with a team its dumb ? did u prefer dashing like a dumb in ? did u prefer geting one shoted everytime by a so funny double snip ?

  10. Dva and Rien are not good at all against bastion as a bastion main its better to be behind the team not in the middle of the cart. Dva if she defense matrix you just heal through it and as long as your playing behind the team Rien can't hurt you. Genji isn't that good either, as long as you can aim and trick Genji into deflecting your fine and you can just heal through the Dragon blade. Here are some that I think are threats to bastion.
    Soldier 76

  11. When playing junkrat I like to dive the bastion and be right on top of him I might not kill him but when he kills me my passive will kill him. I got this strat for KarQ. I call this strat

  12. Word on the street like it’s a bank job or something (says in news voice ) word on the street ladies and jentle men the Criminal who is terrifying people is back on the job well gets back after this Commercial (news sounds )

  13. So what i do if the other healer pick ana and don’t even try to counter the bastion and my team don’t push with the speed boost 🙂


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