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  1. If your fighting a group of monsters how do u know which monster your fighting and this isn't a game of it's own this is sumthing for dungeons and dragons or a game like that

  2. "Modern RPG mode" … translated: "We don't like wargaming." Cuz that's what D&D (and RPGs) came from; tabletop miniature wargaming. To a large extent, the "G" in RPG referred to wargaming, and if you take that away, then you're just left doing a lot of roleplaying but not a lot of "gaming" (in the traditional sense). That's fine, but it just means that by shedding the G in RPG in order to appeal to a more casual audience, the experience at the table misses out on a whole other dimension of play, which is a shame.

  3. So, I have to pay for this game then do all the work of printing/assembling it myself or else pay ANOTHER person to do this? Free PnP? No?

  4. I really liked the methods for maps and creating stories, I want to use them for my game, which is a sort-of kitchen sink fantasy/magic/tech/untamed wildlands game called Umdaar. Is there a list of the different books and which ones contain the most cards and which kind of cards? I've checked DrivethruRPG but just from the previews it's hard to tell some of the books that might be only rules or adventures, etc.
    So far I think definitely the 4 main Volumes could fit the criteria but there might be more that are harder to know just from the names.

  5. Been playing D&D in the "theatre of the mind's eye" for 20 years and this sold me on playing with minis in less than 20 mins.

  6. Even just for the brainstorming aspect for preparing an adventure, these are totally worth it. I don't see myself using these at the table (maybe) but they look great for planning out encounters.

  7. Hello. I just wanted to drop a quick 'thank you' for ICRPG. Its inspired me to take ordinary poker chips and dry erase markers to do simple (crude) drawings of monsters for my tabletop games. Your simple ideas here have saved me a bunch of money and time, and I appreciate it.

  8. This is great. Full stop. Since I first saw this months and months ago I have wondered if there’s a way to make cards for a super hero setting. Yknow, like Gotham or something like that. The issue I keep running into is that cities are much more bland than dungeons. Plus, there’s usually only one opponent in a super hero setting, rather than a creature in every other room.

  9. I can 100% see the usefulness of this in non encounter aspects of d&d sometimes its hard for people to visual the creepy monastery on the hill and these cards would be super useful for that. Maybe its my war gaming background that makes me think this, but I LOVE the tactical aspect of D&D encounters. This kinda just reduces it to dice rolls, which is what I find the least interesting about combat.

  10. I understand what you're saying,and for bare bones game play this would be great,but…don't try and say this will ever be the new way of the future for gaming because what makes D&D so awesome is all the little intricate details.

  11. Every video i've watched about ICRPG is a wonderful discovery! You have delivered to all of us a super fun and very clever game system.

  12. Great video! I've been following your channel for a few months now,and I love your videos. I think this I a great system. I myself think the index cards are a great way to just jump right into play. I must say I'm going to share your video on this to everyone,it will help bring more people to the hobby and game.


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