Infinite Scuba Trailer, by Cascade Game Foundry


Infinite Scuba® is a reality-based, environmentally-respectful video game that enables players to experience the beauty, mystery, and serenity of scuba diving and artifact discovery in exotic real-world locations. Players use and collect branded scuba gear, identify wildlife, and take photos to share with friends, while learning about history, marine biology, dive science.

– Finalist in the 2014 Game Connection America Selected Projects
– Finalist in the 2013 Seattle Independent Game Competition
– Winner of the Best in DEMA Show 2012 Award
– Graduate, Washington Interactive Network’s REACTOR Startup Accelerator, 2013

Our partners include Dr. Sylvia Earle (National Geographic Explorer in Residence, Time Magazine Hero of the Planet, founder of Mission Blue), PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), DEMA (Diving Equipment & Marketing Association), and over 20 dive equipment makers, including SCUBAPRO®, SUBGEAR®, Body Glove, BARE, Henderson, Cressi, Waterproof Diving International, Underwater Kinetics, Ikelite Underwater Systems®, SeaLife, Oceanic, IST®, Worthington, Poseidon, Mares, XS Scuba, Lavacore, Aeris, Hollis, and Submerge Scooters.

The game is also part of the Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Infinite Scuba is the first release from Cascade Game Foundry (CGF®), a Seattle-based, independent video-game company composed of entertainment simulation experts whose unrivaled expertise and passion for simulations and entertainment software enables them to provide breathtakingly-accurate simulations for hardcore audiences, as well as compelling exploration gameplay for casual audiences.

For more information on Infinite Scuba, please visit our website:


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  1. This is an amazing Scuba game. Really the only thing missing is buddy diving. I've only played the demo, but I still highly recommend it. Also nice to know it's made by some real scuba divers.

  2. Now this looks very interesting.  I wish the coral patterns on the ship were so repeated as much and that there were more in the location, like actual coral reefs, instead of just the wreck, but nonetheless, I like the look of it.

  3. — I see the URL in the video comment but it was apparently put there before youtube allowed actual links, so I thought I'd help out anyone that wants to know more.

  4. Since I was six-teen I've been a licensed SCUBA diver. I wish he could be out diving somewhere every day. Since that is not currently possible, because of life's responsibilities: a career; a family; this is a very cool simulator that I could see myself firing up daily!

    Pretty darned realistic! I would not expect less than that from the people that were once responsible for producing the Microsoft Flight Simulator! Before Microsoft got really, really stupid and ended the production of that game.

  5. This a great little sim and definitely worth £6.00 or $9.99, log on-pay up-dive in, you will enjoy, Hairbear.


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