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Today on Game Exchange, does the popular web game Kantai Collection, or KanColle(艦これ) for short, have an anti-American sentiment built around it? Or are the ship girls suffering from mistaken identity?

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*Art Credit Correction! Original Iowa piece by SAte2801 called “USA USA USA”! on Deviantart!

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  1. On the one hand, it’s just a game. But I’m sure you came across some article reviewing the anime/game that argued Kantai/Kancolle’s anthromorphization of Japanese warships is some attempt to romanticize the past. To make the fans and viewers sympathize with the girls, the ship girls, as they face their enemy to try and elicit sympathy for Japan’s loss of WEII. In reality, most likely not, but one does wonder how much sympathy they should feel for the revived spirit of warships that carried sailors and soldiers into battle to expand the imperial Empire of Japan; to establish death camps, appropriate resources, and ultimately wage war.

  2. I kinda find it a bit annoying that they have US ships as generic looking demon ships, I kind of understand that it might be easier than making models of the US ships but still feels kind of bland

  3. But 4:43 there is swastika symbol in Victory Belles, Kickstarter is racist. In Azur Lane French and Italien ships got swimsuits, but Soviet ships got prisonsuits, Yostar is freaking racist. I prefer KanColle, because it is first original shipgirls. You want to see Canadians, Dutch…etc. Shipgirls, it will be too many characters in game. There is one Swedish ship in KanColle. Btw. Kancolle already had also her characters with their mother tongue and accent such as like Warspite, Iowa, Gangut…etc. …Hibiki or few others…can speak two languages, before Victory Belles did. I am fan from both Shipgirl Kantai Collection, Victory Belles and Azur Lane, they are equally good Anime. But I don’t like it when someone says ,VB is better than KC‘ or ,AZ is better than KC‘, such as really unfair.

  4. These Americans characters and other nations were already added after this game were released, so it’s not Anti-American Game

  5. Well, after 3 years I still prefer Azur Lane since it just got more story and depth rather than Kancolle doing Kancolle

  6. Oh well, even if it was anti 'Merica, the US still won the war and bomb their asses twice with the power of the sun.

  7. You now why I hate this game racist. This mother fucking game the Creator hate American the Creator racist so that why I play azur lane. Azur lane is the Best game and not this god for sacking racist

  8. Well if you think about it’s not really anti American because think of it as playing cod world war 2 you can ether play as axis or allies if you choose axis nothing is wrong with it I personally choose axis every chance I get

    So think about it

  9. Played Kancolle Arcade last year, I have SERIOUS withdrawals! Plus the whole Anti-US thing is kind of crap anyway (Im just sad and dont have the time or patience to do the work around)

    At least we have Azur Lane, so that's nice, do want to check out Victory Belles (and REALLY want them to release an English work through for Kancolle, I want to see Haruna again! or maybe try and track down the PSV version)

  10. No Kriegsmarine? I know they mostly relied on U-boats during the war but what about the great Bismarck battleship?

  11. Alright, being part-Japanese myself, and also being a big fan of both Kancolle and Azur Lane, this video kinda triggered me. I've actually been over to Japan, and most of the people I talked to knew I was an American immediately because of how I dressed and how I struggled with the language. They were actually very considerate and a few even tried helping me with learning the language. All this crap about Japanese being "Anti-American" is just ruckus caused by people who's minds are stuck in the 40s, when Japan was "the enemy". Hate to break it to you stubborn idiots, but Japan has forgave and (kind of) forgot. Sure, they don't really like when people bring up Hiroshima or Nagasaki, but you can't really blame them. We commited one of the biggest sins against them. The sin of Wrath, in the form of nuclear flames. The day we dropped the nukes, we made ourselves just as barbaric as we claimed Japan was. But they didn't let that define their image as a people. They do not hate Americans. They are actually very grateful and happy that we have such prosperous trade between us and so much economical growth between us. And they really like tourists…(THE ONES THAT ARE RESPECTFUL AND NOT RACIST DICKS.)

  12. Maybe they're just a little sore because they were bombed two fucking times.

    Still love you America
    No homo bro.

  13. For Victory Belles three years later.
    A rework of the whole back side of the game and it will be at "Kick-Starter Beta" this year. Was posted to Kickstarter in January. I'm still waiting for the public release…

  14. The Kantai Collection Movie explained this. The Fleet girls and the Abyssals are one in the same. It's a cruel twist of fate that brings their whole war into perspective. When a fleet girl is sunk, she turns into an Abyssal. When an Abyssal sinks she becomes a fleet girl. ALL ships (whether Japanese , US, British, etc…) share this fate world wide.

  15. 4:18 they speak their native tongue eh well Battlefield been doing that with the soldiers on each faction for some time now Gaijin


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