Little Angel – A Perverted Family of a NEET and an Angel Gameplay (English Ver.) [rainbowbambi]


Developer : rainbowbambi (
Download from : FANZA(ファンザ)

Translator: Hoshi
Patch ENG v1.05 :

This translation is only available to those who have purchased the game.
You can buy the game from FANZA (フ ァ ン ザ) or go to Rainbowbambi’s fantia site to support and buy the game.

One day an angel appeared to NEET!
“I want you to live with others”
And the human race neat escape plan to activate! !
This is a game in which the protagonist reborns brilliantly …?

■ System
A love game that makes friends with the family who lives in the hero’s house

If you like it, you can invite me to a date
And of course more …




Week 1
1 Monday – Riko-chan/Park Rina-chan/Shopping Street
2 Tuesday – Riko-chan/Candy Store Rina-chan/Bookstore Shizue-san/Park
3 Wednesday – Riko-chan/Game Center Rina-chan/Library Shizue-san/Cafe
4 Thursday – Riko-chan/Bookstore Rina-chan/Shopping Street Shizue-san/Park
5 Friday – Riko-chan/Library Shizue-san/Cafe
6 Saturday – Dating
7 Sunday – Dating

Week 2
8 Monday – Riko-chan/Game Center Rina-chan/Shopping Street
9 Tuesday – Riko-chan/Candy Store Rina-chan/Library Shizue-san/Park
10 Wednesday – Riko-chan/Library Rina-chan/Bookstore
11 Thursday – Riko-chan/Bookstore Rina-chan/Shopping Street Shizue-san/Cafe
12 Friday – Riko-chan/Game Center Shizue-san/Bookstore
13 Saturday – Dating
14 Sunday – Dating

Week 3
15 Monday – Riko-chan/Candy Store Rina-chan/Library
16 Tuesday – Riko-chan/Park
17 Wednesday – Riko+Rina/Shopping Street Rina-chan/Library Shizue-san/Bookstore
18 Thursday – Riko-chan/Bookstore Rina-chan/Shopping Street Shizue-san/Park
19 Friday – Riko-chan/Library Shizue-san/Cafe
20 Saturday – Dating
21 Sunday – Dating

Week 4
22 Monday – Riko-chan/Library Rina-chan/Bookstore
23 Tuesday – Riko-chan/Game Center Shizue-san/Cafe
24 Wednesday – Riko-chan/Park Rina-chan/Library
25 Thursday – Riko-chan/Bookstore Rina-chan/Shopping Street
26 Friday – Riko-chan/Candy Store Shizue+Rina/Cafe
27 Saturday – Festival / Dating
28 Sunday – Festival / Dating

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  1. Can i ask why the s*x scene in gallery are censored ?? Is that natural theres no other way to make it censored??? Just asking coz if that is censored i think its a bit boring to play just asking

  2. How can you raise s*x exp or f**k Riko and Rina? I only did Shizue's and her path is pretty easy since she already has experience.


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