Luffy SnakeMan transformation fight scene 1080p HD – One Piece 870


Epic Luffy Gear 4 transformation variation!

One piece by Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animation
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All rights goes To Toei Animation JP.


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  1. anybody feel =like this is the 1st time luffy trys to be the arrogant one? before with lucci, doflamingo or crocodile, the roles are reversed

  2. I'm really proud of Luffy for what he accomplished in beating this guy God damn 🔥I love Luffy so much more

  3. This mode literally turns his punches to bullets, in the end he acheived what he told Shanks at the very beginning…
    Edit: Granted these are ricochet bullets but actual bullets none the less.

  4. I can’t wait to see katakuri use gears . Luffy learned from this fight and katakuri had to have learned something useful from it as well . Maybe

  5. Many years ago that is what I thought gear 4th would be. Him using something similar to gear 3rd but spreading it throughout his body making him built. Not like bound man but exactly like snake man

  6. did anyone notice how katakuri's original techniques are so much cooler then those that feel like a copy of luffys techniques. it is so much more creative, powerful and just so fucking badass

  7. Hahaha anybody notice that Luffy’s suit is ripped but after this fight, the sleeves comes back hahaha, i guess thats part of Snake Man 🤣🤣


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