Marvel's Avengers | Devs gave MAJOR ANSWERS on Reddit for ENDGAME CONTENT , FREE-ROAM & MORE !!!


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  1. 2:42 Slight mistake you said here, but they said they have 2 OTHER forms of endgame content besides the Hives that they mentioned, which means that they really have 3 of them for players to enjoy for some time

  2. Please no raids…they're not even fun hard,they're frustrating hard,need people for them….and gear dosen't mean anything…it's just a means to get to the next threshold,im willing to bet you'll still die fast with the best gear,just like Destiny-Anthem-Divsion

  3. Think of this if miles morales is doing his own job what if peter Parker Spider-Man makes a appearance in Avengers

  4. I'm hoping that they have like a nice sized open worldish kind of map to explore as part of the Endgame content. It doesn't have to be as big as say Spider-Man ps4, but I'd like to just travel to a region just to run around, fight random enemies and maybe interact with civilians that are just walking around.

  5. Jesus, who da hell is still waiting for this bullshit? This game dies in a week after release, it's a terrible grind farming with barely alive enemies and npc's for 12 y.o braindead kids

  6. Thank you for showing this, being looking for these questions for for a few days, other side objectives in warzones has me most excited!

  7. I want to clear up something they haven’t revealed the exact size of the Warzone missions but we were given how far a distance a mission will be so I want to clear that up as well sorry for that my mistake .

  8. I'm happy for the new heroes, however; I'm more excited for the new Avenger level villains such as
    – Going to latveria and battle Dr.Doom
    – Save Atlantis form Attuma
    – Vist Ego the Living planet
    – aid the xmen at the x-mansion or Egypt against Apocalypse
    – Ultron?!?!?
    – Secret Invasion event. , where the skull invade earth
    – Can't Forget about Galactus
    – Battle the Kree
    – Fight against ”The Hand”(Marvel version of the league of assassin) and Kingpin’s goons
    – battle The Mandarin and fin Fang Foom at China
    – Finally, we will go against Thanos and the Black order at titan

  9. I hope there are Raid type missions where you fight like ultron thanos and other I know there not gonna be in the game at launch but maybe like in the future they could do stuff like that

  10. A so would captain America be able to use thor hammer or sum tht can be like the last ability u can unlock for him

  11. I wonder if Avengers is going to do the same as injustice, giving us exclusive skins from the movies with limited time events. Black Widow movie is coming out, so I hope they make a skin related to the movie suit

  12. Man, I want to know what that Hive mode is he talked about- and two more end game modes they need to talk about?!?

    So excited for the next wartable

  13. Nice Video, thanks for the info dumb.
    Just skeptical about the Free Roam comment, I think he just means you can looks around the environment after a fight, I don't think it hints and wide open areas to just mess about in.

  14. I really think they gonna do the co op right. Because of all this info they giving us, sounds like they are on the right path.

    And people saying the war zone is gonna be ass 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. Idk why but every time I hear someone say endgame while talking about this game it makes me think endgame dlc with fat Thor


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