NES Atlas: SMB3 (Warpless TAS)


Featuring the longest Atlas Video ever created with a complete, warpless TAS of Super Mario Brothers 3 on the NES! In addition to the 100+ hours of my own editing, this video also includes the work of expert TAS’ers adelikat, andymac, Lord Tom, and Tompa as well as visuals by Atlas Map cartographers J.J. Maxx, JonLeung, KingKuros, mephea, Revned, and Zeric. So a special thanks to the TASVideos & VGMaps communities which helped make this video possible! Also, I consider this only 85% complete as it’s missing some special effects and for that I apologize.

Tips: 18dTtWPZyd4wKmWjGq8QHz7wp9ujFYFghq

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  1. Barcos
    Mundo 1 : 3:01
    Mundo 2 : 7:07
    Mundo 3 : 12:45
    Mundo 4 : 18:17
    Mundo 5 : 25:23
    Mundo 6 : 31:16
    Mundo 7 : 37:17
    Mundo 8 : 41:43

  2. There is nothing above the sky or water. Hell yeah jumping . If Mario is real person he thinks ( what a boring life ) done this million times no sweat world

  3. Era un buen video para conocer todas las etapas,pero te saltaste etapas claves y en este caso no fue bueno ver el truco de atravesar las paredes…iba bien viendolo pero me aburri

  4. Is there any way to actually play the game like this? One long zoom out? There's a one zone concept hack for Sonic 1 like this

  5. If you were able to keep the coins turning and the piranha plants rising, why couldn't you keep the koopas and goombas moving after you pass them?

  6. 28:47 I don't know how or why I managed to notice it but that missing ice block on the top row, second column from the right is so weird and bugs me. I wonder if they messed up or did it intentionally just goofin off.

  7. 22:38 Am I the only one in here that already knew about the three 1-ups in those floating bricks on the right? I was frivolous enough to waste a P-wing once to satisfy my curiosity a few years ago.

  8. Wow, this is awesome, but yet dang completing every level all less than 30 seconds, but I can understand with the doom ships

  9. This was the best way imo to watch any run. I just literally watched my childhood struggles squashed in like 5 seconds xD

  10. This is absolutely amazing! It showed up on my recommendations. I already subscribed to the channel to check more videos! THANKS!


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