Old Video Games: Andy Rooney Adventures, Joseph Versus God


Seth plays some of his favorite old Jorbus video games, including the Bee Gees game.
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Old Video Games: Andy Rooney Adventures, Joseph Versus God- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  1. It's weird, while JvG was the one which got banned, you only ever hear about the controversy from the gore in the Bee Gees game.

  2. It is for such irresistibly comical video as this that I have been tending to firstly by you, Seth, to my daily routine of listening to Late Tonight Shows !😊 So easy to become fond of your sense of humour as well as your personality !😊 You are such a gift to Tonight Shows as well as its telespectators; you are a god of them, Sir, and I am but too happy for you that you are the host who has been hosting the Oscars (1000 bravos from the bottom of my heart !!!😊) !😊

  3. I thought it was funny that no one laughed when Seth said, "My old video game system, the Jorbus." No video game historians in the audience apparently. I don't even beliebe in Jorbus.

  4. Must have either been a slow news day or, too many complaints about trump jokes forced new material to be written. Dreadful.

  5. Thumbs down for the Diving joke. Greg's major head injury – any head injury… not funny. *Jorbus is still a good bit though.

  6. DYK Mary gave birth around 13? Jewish women usually got married around 12.5 & starting having sex at puberty. Of the 600+ rules in The Bible there is no rule against child sex, even though it was common practice by Jews. God hates gay men for sure though.

  7. this is what happens when you don't give your animators enough work to do and they start drinking on the job


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