Old Video Games – Late Night with Seth Meyers


A nostalgic look back at Seth’s favorite old Jorbus games. Subscribe to Late Night:

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Old Video Games – Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  1. The problem with Seth's presentation is that he literally stares into the prompter all the time. He needs to look into the crowd, like he's having a conversation. Immediately people will feel more relaxed. Right now, it's too stiff. 

  2. he forgot the most popular game for the jorbus….. failing late night talk show host.
    The way the game works is you try a million different bits and find none of them work lose faith in your own talents and then get pulled off the air.

  3. I think Seth tries too hard when he does bits like these…all the little bits he's tried in his show so far have not been successful, in my opinion. Example: Dog Shaming. I love dog shaming, it's so funny..but the dog shaming Seth did hardly made me giggle.
    I've watched every episode. I love Seth Meyers, or at least I did when he was on SNL. I like when he tells his own story to the camera..like, the continuing 'Mom broke her shoulder while hiking with Josh (Seth's brother) Saga" That's entertaining and something I'd listen to-because he's just talking naturally with subtle humor…he's not trying to get a laugh (like in his bits), the story is funny by itself. 
    What would really boost ratings is to have Stefon come on and just talk like they did on SNL. Seriously have a bit every now and then with New York's City Correspondent, Stefon! It doesn't have to be every week (because that would be a lot of work for Bill Hader), but maybe around the holidays as a treat for Seth's viewers. 

  4. Well if you read negative comments, you will watch this with negativity and definitely only see the negatives lol. I think it was too long for its own good, which is what ruined it. The last joke was the punch line tho, thats what changed my mind lol. Hope he finds his touch soon with this show!

  5. It seriously took me about half way through until I figured out that these were fake games. I kept thinking "wow, those are good graphics for a system that came out in 1984."

  6. I'd heard of this system before, but I thought all 1000 units were sent back to Montgomery Ward after the '83 video game crash. Thankfully, Seth Meyers found his at his mother's house and shared it with us. Eye Exam looks like a lot of fun!

  7. So hard to listen to this, he's was monotone through the entire bit. It's like he's reading the q cards as if he were still doing the news

  8. These bits would actually be funny if U showed REAL old video games.   Thats what Ellen & J. Fallon do & its hilarious!


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