Old Video Games: Tonya Harding Skating, GoodFellas: The Game


Seth plays some of his favorite old Jorbus video games, including Fitted Sheet: The Game.

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Old Video Games: Tonya Harding Skating, GoodFellas: The Game- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  1. Seth. You should be doing the show from home like everyone else. All the other late night hosts are doing it.

  2. They forgot the part on the fitted sheet game where you decide you must have it on wrong so you turn it 90 degrees and then realize that's even worse so you turn it back the way you had it to start with.

  3. As awesome as all of these games are, they can't compare to Sierra-Dynamix's "8 seconds"… You have 8 seconds to cyberride a pixel bull. Ranks right up there with bass pro, Jaws 2, and the special voice modulator module for Intellevision's almost unknown "tonguediver", where you dive out of a perfectly functional airplane (not the B-17 simulator which also used that hardware), and have to lick clouds to slow your descent as you plummet to your death.

  4. If you know what’s good for ya, then you would say that The GoodFellas Game was excellent. Capeesh?

  5. Ok 1- those games are pretty well done, kudos to the graphics department. 2- i love that Seth knows about the rule of threes 🙂

  6. Gumba dude? It's slanf for a fellow Italian.
    WTF is Gumma?
    I think it's the second side of an early Pink Floyd album.

  7. Bobby Knight also grabbed a player by the throat and started choking him. That needs to be included in the game play.

  8. For some odd reason and only in this video, the only thing I can fully focus on is when you say "uh".. Interesting video game console though!


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