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  1. If you were hosting the OpenVPN service at home (in an Ubuntu Server) instead of a DigitalOcean service, would I need to open a bunch of ports in my router? My problem is that my ISP has established a CGNAT across it's residential users and I just can't open a bunch of ports 🙁

  2. Even a little late Ill take my changes and ask.
    In an environment of win pc's only on a domain, many clients who have access to an erp program running it from their pc's without installation (they just have their exe shortcut and runs from the server housing the erp-sql), need to access it from their homes. Our VPN Server runs in a linux machine. Our client has only Win Defender and the AD runs on a 2012 WinServ PC. The ERP program s running in a win10 pc (win defender only)
    So I ve managed to create the VPN connection with our offices and the client but :
    -I can t seem to add a pc remotely to our domain – gets an error that i misstyped it or something. My guess is that the DNS cant resolve it. (I tried a pc which was already on the domain from afar. That pc had access to shares but while trying to access the program (shortcut only, not installed) I keep getting the message [DBNETLIB](ConnectionOpen (Conenct().]SQL Serverdoe notexist or access denied
    Any thouhgs for further connfiguration of OpenVPN probably and the paths of the files to be configured?

    PS Our local DHCP gives Ip's of 192.168.1. …… When a client connects via VPN remotely his virtual adapter gets an ip of 10.0.0. ….. VPN DNS has been configured to QUAD9

    So VPN seems to connect the client to a different network. Probably I cant get the bigger picture of VPN and how it connects the client and what should I expect from that connection

  3. I assume you may not even see this comment, but I followed this verbatim, and when i run the sudo openvpn X command, it runs and initializes just fine, but my IP address is not being changed, it is still showing as my ip, not my droplets ip. so confused and lost.

  4. Just signed up with your referral link, but after I entered my cc, they want me to send them a selfie and front and back of my Drivers License. That is a little too much. Going to look elsewhere.
    Update: Just tried again with my business email instead of the above which was gmail, and it verified the account just by sending an email, like a normal verification process, no demands of selfies or dl. I entered my cc info, but now no mention of $100 credit or your referral. And the support link on their website in firefox just gives me a blank page.

  5. I want your help My openvpn on an android say "waiting for server " but never connect put with another internet provider it work but I need it work with all internet providers

  6. Thank you. Great tutorial. I followed the instruction and works great. Is there any way to see who is connected?

  7. Is your droplet transfer limit effectively halved since the VPN server is both sending and receiving everything you do?

  8. Please don't harass support about IP address "reputation" from third party websites unless you are specifically being rejected and can provide an error message other than "this third party site says the IP address is bad!!!!" when your VM is online, connected to the Internet and accessible.

    Anybody who has worked in a support department.

  9. Re: Control specific hosts being on VPN: I have a single VM that's always running a VPN and TinyProxy configured to listen on the LAN IP and to direct traffic to the VPN IP. Anything I want to VPN I point at the proxy server. The only tricky bit is that you don't always get the same VPN IP which means the TinyProxy config needs updated, but this is easily scripted to automate.

  10. I'm still using the script you mand a video on 2 years ago now, maybe I will switch to this. I did not know about unattended-upgrades i've been using a script I made in a cron job, lol I will fix that now

  11. Great solution! Thx. Is it possible to configure my pfSense box instead of my computer for connecting all computers where in my local network to internet on VPN?

  12. Excellent video, that is very cool! Rolled my seat over 24 inches to another PC and I went from the US to Toronto. First time I have used Digital Ocean and used your affiliate link. Thanks!

  13. The only issue I've run into running my own OpenVPN server is the licensing. Since only two clients can be connected at once for free, I can end up getting blocked from connecting because my phone jumped form WiFi to cellular and back making the server think there are three clients.

  14. I use IKEv2/IPSec tunnel with self-signed certificate authentication(strongswan) and wonder if it any better or worse than OpenVPN.

  15. Excellent video! I was just looking into doing something like this on Linode. I have been using PfSense at home, with load balanced dual WAN (two ISP as it was cheaper then buying unlimited from either) and wasn't sure I could get that to work. Also I need to make sure my families online gaming isn't hampered as I would prefer to do the tunnel for the whole house. I was just going to use PIA but that breaks Netflix and the like. Anyone have experience in gaming performance with a setup like this? or thoughts on getting routing to work with both my ISP's over the vpn?


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