ONE PIECE : Animation Old VS New [ Comparison ]


this is one piece comparison between old animation & new animation (old vs new) .Is there a difference between special edition and normal?


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  1. Is it just me who thinks the skin tone was better in the old one, robin, zoro, usopp and luffy turned fully white in the new ones.

  2. I swear luffy teleporting alot just shows how lazy they are or that's they're way of showing how fast a character is.

  3. The characters look more badass in the new version. Animation is better too. I still think it was stupid to remake old episodes tho.

  4. Why people keep saying that the NEW art style has no soul or is worse than the original, most of you are saying that because you grew up watching it in the OLD art-style, i understand where ya come it feels nostalgic you know. but as an artist my self i understand how improving on your work feels awesome and the new animation changes adds more depth to the fights making them more exciting and over all better to the eye, the old style used less frames making it more blocky while the new ones make you follow the fights momentum, the old style was and will be nice and i dont mind watching it like that, but if you want new people, younger generations watching the show and supporting it the animators have to make their style more modern or else people are going to say it looks "old" (which is a lie but hey, thats kids for ya). all im saying is look at it from a artist perspective and you will notice that those little details matter when you are trying to hype up a scene and…. tho i wish the new art style didnt take away alot of the exaggerated expressiveness in the characters

  5. In every anime that’s has a long history when the animation gets “better” they always do shortcuts like they make the face more smooths and from far they make the face have less details which I h8 new animation tends to do that alot

  6. Old animation just feels more authentic to me, I think it is the exaggerated depiction of the environment and the details that make modern animation feel inconvenient for the one piece verse

  7. The old version is much cooler and charismatic. The new version is sloppy and lazy. I stopped watching the anime from the Dressrosa Arc – Present. It is that bad.

  8. don't know why this was recommended to me NOW, but gotta say the roughness of the old style had more impact, the new animation style is too clean, little to no line variation, the sound effects work better in the old one as well, overall just a worse version with higher resolution and brighter colors, wich tbh, don't really work imo, One Piece animation was at it's best from this point untill the very end of pre timeskip, in fact, openings 11~14 have the best style, after the timeskip… bleh, looks cool in wano but still not as cool as the old style

  9. Old is so much better, there arent extra unnecessary scenes . the “ angles camera view” in the old one are so much better

  10. I prefer the old one cause it looks like the One Piece we all know and looks. The new one is just plagiarization compared to it. Nami's body looks way worse with the new animation. How do the organs fit in her body? Just make her stomach a little bigger.

  11. The new version is too « animed » it’s like oda tried to make it looks like other anime. He had a unique style draw he shouldn’t have spoiled it

  12. New version won in overall better animation detail when it comes to fighting for example.

    You can't say Luffy jet pistol wasn't better looking then the old version & it's the same with the new jet bazooka, it's looking way better than the older version and that's just fact.

    Old version wins in terms of facial expressions and making them look full of life rather then the lifeless looking new versions tho I don't mind the animation style now.

  13. The new animation is called one pace. Some have decided to redo one piece by removing passages. I think they have the right to do that but it is a shame for the people who have gone to great an end.

  14. In my opinion, while the newer has cleaner visuals, the messy lines gives it that uniqueness that the One Piece art style has.

  15. Comparing ANYONE to Katsumi Ishizuka (the animator of the old cut, as well as gum gum storm, jet gattling and more) is unfair by default XD
    That said, I obviously prefer the old one.

  16. I just think it’s sad how one piece animation has changed for the worst. It never had amazing and ground breaking animation in the first place but it was at least average for its time. Now it’s below average and hard to watch without laughing.


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