Portal Earrings – How It's Made Gaming Jewelry Series (Bronze-Creative)


Introducing new series! How It’s Made Gaming Jewelry.

In this series, we will bring the gaming pop culture to the fullest potential! Whether it is something in the game itself or something inspired by.

First in the series, Portal! We love this game. Innovative gameplay. Lovable villains. This earrings are inspired by one of the game mechanic which is Portal Gun, which allow the player to teleport between 2 portals.

Made by Jane, Bronze-Creative.

We have started the 1-day jewelry workshop. Check out more info from our Facebook and IG profiles.

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IG: @bangkokcreativestudio

Bangkok Creative Studio believes in skilled craftsmanship which need to be preserve before the machinery and advanced manufacturing technology take over the craftsman and loss the skills forever. However, the set of skills shouldn’t be only kept to professional only, our goal is to make those skills and knowledge available to everyone!

About Jane
Hardworking young lady who just had a baby boy! Congratulation!


Portal 1 released in 2007 part of the Orange Box which immediately become a classic and a sequel released in 2011 Portal 2.

Trailer Portal 2 copyrighted Valve Corporation.

Music – Want You Gone (ending credit music Portal 2) copyrighted Valve Corporation.

This video is made for Youtube under Valve Video Policy

Nguồn: https://rodiziodirectory.com

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  1. Hi, thanks for the video. May I ask what is the cloud material you are using to fire on? And why do you use this, instead of soldering block/charcoal?


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