Quick Summary of Paragon Projects (9 July 2020)


A current rollup of information about the various projects attempting to bring back Paragon.

Predecessor Discord –
Predecessor youtube –
Predecessor Website –

Fault Twitch –
Fault Discord –
Fault Reddit –
Fault Youtube –
Fault Webstie – Playfault.com

Metabuffs Discord –
Metabuff youtube –
Metabuff Website – Metabuff.com

Overprime Discord –
Overprime Website –
Overprime Youtube –
Prime X Discord –

Nguồn: https://rodiziodirectory.com

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  1. I feel like Core isn't worth mentioning anymore until they give us something with how they overhyped their game when they had absolutely nothing

  2. Predecessors Projected Release should be: TBA.
    The 10th of Juli is for the Alpha test. which will only be live over the weekend. Continuing the next weekend.
    It is far from released.

  3. Thank you for including CORE. I hope they give something concrete soon. It looked so much better than what Fault looks like now. And that was over a year ago.

  4. fault seems like they know they doing , i going with fault because they are making skins their own skins, and i heard they made they own character too, but honestly i want ethereal

  5. Hi. Ty for the info 🥳😍
    I will play all of the companies to keep Paragon alive 😍🥳 stay positive and Thank you to all of the Companies that are trying to bring back Paragon 🤗❤

  6. Really good comprehensive overview.
    Will you do one for the Parazombie, but not really games Like Project Phoenix?

  7. Mangoose. The curious thing about the Predecessor is that on the registration page there are two platform options, the PC and the PS4.

    Will it be a final that the PS4 version is close?

  8. Man I really hope that paragon is going to be for free it was such a great experience playing with your friends that just downloaded the game

  9. Great informative video as always dude! On thing to note though is Ace did say on their stream today controller support wouldn't be in Alpha which was surprising to me, I thought they already had it working.

  10. Here’s my problem with this idk if it’s just me. So I’m a very competitive player with any game, but it feels like it’s hard to play one of these games and actually try and get super good at it. because what if the paragon I choose ends up going down and the other stays.. idk just feel like it’s hard to commit to 1 I know it’s not much of a learning curve to go from one paragon to the other, but as a competitive person you still invest time in building up with ranks and etc… I’m done just got off grave yard shift goodnight.. 💤

  11. Eh, fault probably is going to build a player base faster than the rest. They have interesting mechanics and are truly trying to make this their own game. I’m just debating which bundle you get since we are taking a risk when paying for this.


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