Refs Use A Piece Of Paper To Determine A First Down | Cowboys vs. Raiders | NFL


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  1. This is so stupid. Like we can clearly see there ball is not past the line and the paper proves that it’s not. Wtf is he thinking?

  2. Written tapping Gene on the butt after the first down call is made. “I’ll send you those benjamins next week bro!!”

  3. It doesn't even matter that the card was double-folded. The entire logic behind this is broken. If you can slip even the slightest thing between the nose of the ball and the marker, it's short of a first down. One of the most asinine officiating fuck-ups I've ever seen.

  4. It's fixed against the raiders. here is the proof. v

  5. So I don't really get it. Where they trying to see if the paper could get between the ball and the stick and if it could it meant Dallas was short?


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