Review: Dell UltraSharp U2515H WQHD IPS Monitor


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Welcome to my full review of the brand new Dell Ultrasharp U2515H monitor. The U2515H features a 25″ diagonal and offers a 2560 x 1440 resolution. The IPS panel delivers great color reproduction and viewing angles. The monitor is very bright with 350 candela and defeats other displays like the AOC I2369VM. In addition to that the monitor also features Display Port, Mini Display Port and HDMI inputs.
For gaming the U2515H is also a solid choice thanks to its relatively low response time. A full gaming demo will follow in a few days.
While the monitor is one of the best ones I have ever tested, the blacks are not deep enough and the capacitive buttons are hit or miss.

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  1. This monitor, wow📼>JustU.Faith/Dell-U24?火   I bought as a video editor to make sure the colors I'm editing are exactly what they need to be, and these fit the bill in spades. Not only is it a super sharp monitor, it's very well built, minimal and clean design, easily adjustable, and the colors are very accurate. AND it's at a great price!

  2. I have this monitor and absolutely love it…except for the power button! I'm glad to see im not the only one it happens too. So infuriating. Is there a firmware fix for it yet?

  3. Hi there my friend, I'm looking to have a 24" / 25". teleprompter on the floor but with sharp clear white letters on a black screen, and not anything else like colour pictures, so maybe there's another monitor out there that serve my only purpose. Please could you let me know your view on this, thank you, Michael

  4. Does OS X allow you to scale the screen UI to be bigger/smaller while retaining the 1440p resolution, like this: Please answer! Thank you!

  5. why is the black border of the screen so big? The screen itself has a very thin border but the display screen is not filled at all

  6. Dell S2218H vs Dell U2414H vs HP 24es ? Which one should i get? And why?
    I want better solid quality product , beautiful images quality. But why Dell U2414H is more expensive than others? Thanks 🙂 Also which size is better or perfect for 1080p because of vewino distance? 27 inch, 25 , 24, or 22?

  7. It's alright. The UP2516D is better. The contrast and color on the 2515H leave a lot to be desired. I tried both and settled on the pricer model.

  8. hi there. what music did you use in this video? looked for a monitor review – found nice, calm music. sounds like "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton and, in some way, like "Purple rain" – Prince.
    P.S. my shazam can`t find it.

  9. I bought the tv but I have problem! There is no voice! I don’t know how Can I control the volume. Please help me 🙏🏻

  10. just bought this as an open box @ Best Buy for $211.00 I have a built desktop and have a 750Ti GPU but the computer kept crashing and restarting. So, I turned down the resolution and so far, no more crashing AND I switched back to the amd apu using hdmi 2.0 cable instead of the GPU . I think this size monitor is just about right 2 feet away. No error codes, so Idk what caused it. I've been watching some 4K trailers here that are just 1440P and look great. Too bad I can't do that with 4K streaming movies?

  11. I'm planing on getting this monitor for my 13" Retina Macbook Pro 2015, do you recommend it ? Any other monitors worth checking ? I really like the size and bezels of this one, also resolution seems nice. I've heard that some people have experienced blurry text with this Dell monitor on their Retina Macbooks… Any advice ? Thank you!

  12. Man, I have a problem, maybe you know solution. If I use this monitor with Mac mini, monitor's USB ports don't work. How to solve it? They work in Windows and don't work in MacOS.

  13. hey, thanks for review of this monitor! but what can you say about these two models of DELL – U2412M vs U2515H?
    I need to choose one of for polygraphy and design.

  14. Thanks for the vid! very informative.

    Quick question: Did you return your monitor for a new one? If so did the new one have the same problem??


  15. Hi!
    I'm from India and for some reason despite having debuted almost 3 years ago, the price of this unit hasn't gone down. Maybe that's because it's a really good unit, but the reality is it is still a viable option here. Or is it?
    Do you recommend this unit in August 2017 as well? It's updated variant (UP2516D, offering 100% sRGB colour gamut) costs almost twice. So that's not an option.
    So? Should I go with this one, or settle for a BenQ or Asus? Any input would be appreciated.

  16. U2515H or U2414H? I want to know is there any noticable difference, the one that human eye can see. I need a monitor to play games with my RX 580 and also edit videos and pictures.

  17. Plugging a Xbox into the Ultrasharp… What a waste.
    This Dell will sit just fine right next to my Samsung C24FG70.
    Sorry but your review is not informative, especially compared to the one @ TFT Central.

  18. I bought one of this
    i'm having a problem while watching movies or videos
    i'm losing lots of frames in between movements
    are you guys also having this prob?

  19. +TechCentury

    Did you connect from mini display(thunderbolt) port to mini display port or normal DisplayPort? I am confused on how I should connect my macbook to the dell (hdmi has a lower refresh rate if i am not wrong).

    And do you recommend a good speaker for this monitor as well.

    Thanks in advance!

  20. Hi, have you tried connecting speakers directly to the monitor via audio out? Can it play music controlled from a laptop connected to the monitor but not speakers?

  21. Thanks very much for this video. I realised that my Gamma (under the color menu) was set to windows – which looked terrible. I have been really unhappy with the panel quality so far, but its looking decent now

  22. Is there much difference between the new P2717H and the older P2715H that you reviewed? I am using a MacBook Pro and need it for daily MS Office use (not gaming). Thanks!

  23. find it hard to turn this off, have to keep pressing the power button over and over hoping the white light will stop flashing at me in bed… the buttons suck, make them old TV knobs i dont care, buttons shouldn't be problem in a 2k monitor now


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