Saints vs. Packers | NFL Week 7 Game Highlights


The New Orleans Saints battle the Green Bay Packers in Week 7 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  1. If saints come to Green Bay we better win smh gopacgo finnna b a good trio Aaron jone and adams and Rodgers vs kamara Thomas and breese

  2. I hate when Brees has to wear a glove or gloves. Has to adjust during the game every time. Lucky we were able to bounce back.

  3. This game would’ve been over if Rodgers was healthy. Those two picks in the first half would’ve made the game 21-0

  4. We deserve to win we worked our butts off for this win and Green Bay Packers are like Saints are trash but we beat you so what dose that make you like don’t be jealous just take the L and we are going to the Super Bowl you better watch out patriots we’re coming for you and you’re going down just like the packers see you guys at Super Bowl 😘😂

  5. Saints defense straight garbage. Drew Brees can't be throwing ints like that. The saints defense couldn't tackle a man in a wheelchair or cover him

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