Sharknado Drinking Game – #Sharknado


First Rule of Sharknado Drinking Game, You Do Not Talk About Sharknado Drinking Game.

Rule # 2: The first time a Shark is mentioned, Everybody Drink.
Rule # 3: The first time Tornado is mentioned, Everybody Drink.
Rule # 4: Anytime there is gratuitous sexiness, Drink.
Rule # 5: Anytime a Character calls another character by his/her first name, drink.
Rule # 6: Drink anytime you see bad computer animation.
Rule # 7: Anytime a Shark is killed with something other than a gun, Drink.
Rule # 8: Drink anytime a human is killed on screen.
Rule # 9: Anytime “Sharknado” is mentioned, everybody drink.
Rule # 10: When all of the Sharks are Dead or gone, Everybody drink.

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