Sims 4 CC Making Process / Hoop Earrings Tutorial


Welcome to another tutorial! Today I am going to show the process of making earrings for The Sims 4. This tutorial shows from when you open Blender to when you put the earrings into your game, so it has everything you need! I was asked on Tumblr if I could make a tutorial like this by two lovely anons, and here it is! I hope this helps and enjoy! ☼

This video shows the process of making earrings/accessories for the Sims 4 from start to finish.
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Download these earrings: ☼


UV_0 Organizer:
Metal Material:
Sims 4 Studio:
Blender 2.70:
Blender 2.78 or above [texture]:
Gimp 2.10:

I hope this helps and enjoy!

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  1. Aw man I would love to be able to do this but it seems wayyy to complicated to me haha! So much respect for all the artists who create beautiful stuff for the Sims!

  2. Your video was really really good!! Although it was my first time trying to make something like this, your directions made everything so much easier!! 🥰❤

    I have a quick question though about blender… whenever I try to zoom in too close, and approach the surface of the body, I just see through it (for example I couldn't go as close as you did in 4:46)… which made things 100 times more difficult… any idea on what's wrong??

  3. Thank you for making this tutorials for earrings because i have some ideas that I've been dying to try to make 🙌🏽🙌🏽💕💕💕

  4. Thank you this is a really good workflow, it's easier than the ones I've found and you give all the steps, thanks soo much, I'm enjoying learning to make cc. You lost me at the bake part, you said you open up an image what. My bake didn't work. Any help is appreciated.

  5. I'm new to making cc, and good lord I love you. You make this entire process so much more fun. <3
    Pls hit us up when you figure out how to make hair cc <3

  6. So ive followed everything to a tea but for some reason my earrings arnt shiny at all. They are dull and boring. What am I not doing correctly? Thanks in advance!

  7. This is literally the best tutorial ever. You managed to keep my attention with humor and it was easy to follow! Thank you kind creator for sharing your cc making knowledge with us!

  8. By far the best tutorial I've seen for the Sims. Everyone I've come across thus far have been like "yeah.. so do this. Then do this.. and then this" like how TF am I supposed to learn when you're not explaining what you're doing or why you're doing it?! I really appreciate that about this tutorial. I wish you had gone just a little bit more in depth about the specular and masking maps, but other than that, phenomenal!

  9. Hi I need a little urgent help. I'm trying to make custom mesh kitsune ears. But when I got to import nothing shows. Is it cause I'm using earrings and what I'm making is out of bounds? I'm new to this btw.

  10. Hi a little help please! Whenever I import my mesh, it just loads then after that nothing even changes 🙁 I followed the correct cut number and geom so I really don't know what's wrong. thanks a lot!

  11. Can you please do a tutorial on mainly like texturing and coloring? I would like to make kinda like a mesh shirt but idk how to texture and color it?

  12. I am so so happy that I found your channel! I have so many (let's be real all) of your cc! This is super helpful, thanks boo! <3

  13. what blender are you using? Cause I don't know if you are using 2.70 or above TOT I just can´t follow the tutorial because of missing properties or I'm too dumb to find them T_T

  14. Could you do a tutorial on how to make necklaces? Or maybe how to add stuff onto earrings like diamonds, or a star something like that lol im trying to spice up my plane jane earrings lol


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