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About Skyless Games

Skyless Game Studios leverages the power of video games to support and empower social, educational, and philanthropic causes. We partner with experts on an important cause, then work with them to make a great game with a purpose. Our flagship product is a training game that teaches skills and techniques to corruption investigators.

In today’s ever-connected world, engaging an audience can be a real challenge for many organizations. This is especially true for philanthropic, educational, and other social causes. Without a way to capture and hold people’s attention, many great causes fade out before being able to make substantial change. This is why we created Skyless Games: to use fun and engaging video games to help give a voice to the people trying to change the world.

Mission Statement

Skyless Games’ mission statement is simple: to use video games to empower social causes to create positive change. This single sentence embodies the ideals that drive us everyday at Skyless: pushing for positive change in today’s world and using video games as a medium to do so. Our mission is on our minds with every decision we make: who to work with, how to design a game, what our message is, what’s for lunch (well, maybe not the last one). And it is with this simple mission in mind that we aim to build Skyless into an increasingly valuable resource for social causes around the world.


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