Starbucks in Los Angeles accused of racism in bathroom incident


Another incident of alleged racial bias at Starbucks is stirring outrage. A black man claims he was denied access to a bathroom at a Los Angeles store, even though a white man was given the entry code. Neither were paying customers. Michelle Miller reports.

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  1. I will no longer buy at Starbucks! We have the power to teach the racists pugs a lesson by not buying their products!

  2. If someone refused to help me out for something I am not paying, I would just walk out and respect their decision. I don't understand why people force themselves into things and self entitlement

  3. "Breaking News: there's 7 billion people in the world and some don't like others. Experts are flabbergasted. More at 7. Back to Cheryl with the weather"

  4. I agree with Starbucks being entitled to ask customers to leave their store if they don't buy anything. But if a white non-customer is allowed access to their bathrooms, but a black non-customer isn't, that's a problem. This is a bigger controversy than the guys being removed by the police story, because this discrimination was caught in the act.

  5. Or maybe just maybe they let on in got told off for doing so so they Don't let any others in the next happens to be black.

  6. They're smart! If they don't want the paper towels going missing. The soap, urinals and toilets. It's the only way to make sure the building doesn't get vandalized and looted

  7. Fix what?
    They were not customers and were therefore not allowed to use the bathroom.
    Ive been denied going to private stores bathrooms several times. I didn't whine like a baby.

  8. My God, is America the most intolerant country on the face of the earth or what, literally every corner of your country has some anti something group, sad really this kind of thing would never happen in my home country of Sierra Leone, we are a peace living tolerent society despite the whole Nicholas Cage movie

  9. You shouldn’t blame America! It is a beautiful country! People worked hard for America and freedom! Instead you should blame the people… it is us humans that are spreading hatred and racism towards each other. There are rules in order to keep us safe. But people from both race are breaking them… shameless people..

  10. And this same woman, whos' supposedly the store manager (and of color by the way), can't or won't explain her reasoning of denial to the Black man… because??? She just got busted-the ingrate. I hope this follows this loser wherever she goes. Very unprofessional, lady!

  11. This is when I started drinking coffee, mainly Starbucks. I had a go fund me for that poor girl that got fired and she’s doing very well

  12. My blk girlfriend was denied the bathroom at a Fairfax ca restaurant yesterday and there were blk lives mather sines every were. To funny.

  13. I'll bet Charlie Manson is spinning in his grave, that he's not here for all this!! Isn't this Helter Skelter, that he tried to start so long ago. Hateful, horrifying, hard to watch! I pray for my beloved USA!

  14. This is why I dont wish to go to America. It's one of the richest countries, best military, probably the most popular country and the country that started democracy yet it has problems that are way worse in the USA than in most other developed countries have: A huge amount of racism, kind of corrupt government its not that corrupt like China but still its not very good, a lot of shootings, and has a lot of really bad presidents.

  15. The stupid thing about this video is that nobody was even allowed entry in the bathroom. Even the white dude didnt go in. Another stupid assumption of a video


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