The Engineers (CELESTIAL CREATORS) Prometheus + Alien Covenant Explored


Prometheus is a 2012 science fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott, starring Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender.

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  1. It's too bad we won't explore the engineers a great deal more. David will probably kill them all. Alien covenant ruined the new series.

  2. 8:41 the crucifixion of "Christ" is the event that triggerd the engineers to eradicate humanity for being not worthy. It was the so called Jezus Christ from religion they took to their home world and teached him the meaning of life and some of their knowledge. The whole idea of the Engineers was to create a perfect eden where an intelligent life form would live and prosper in peace.

  3. After reading the original script it turns out that the engineers took Jesus as a boy to their home planet and taught him their ways then brought him back. Then he was crucified and that pissed the engineers off so they decided that humans should be exterminated. The original script is so much better then the movie that came out.

  4. maybe in engineer society only engineers are allowed to create life
    and thats why the engineer is looking in disgust at david
    the life humans created

  5. The Engineers can be more than 150 years old, they can live over thousand years but they can't procreat anymore that's why the young Engineer in Prometheus sacrifices himself to re-create life from his own DNA. That is all explain in one of the first Prometheus script. They can also choose to live in a none carbonite form but only as pure energy. The reason why they never came back is because they choose to live in an other form somewhere in the far far galaxy.

  6. Wait til you see the revelation that the Engineer's themselves were created by their Gods, the Gods they worship……which are in fact the Xenomorph Alien's. The Alien's created the Engineer's to be their caretakers, to provide bodies as hosts etc……the humans on Earth were to be a farm colony but what developed wasn't what they had expected so they were instructed to raze the planet. Seems the Xenomorph's predate the Engineer's. They are the real intelligence.

  7. It occurs to me that this renders AVP non-canon as there's no way for the Mayans, Aztecs, and other ancient human civilizations to be hosts for Xenomorphs for their gods (Predators) to hunt. Shame, I really enjoyed the first AVP movie.

  8. I think the space jockey will be David and the hole is from him punching his way out. Somehow I think he’ll commandeer another juggernaut and move his eggs onto that he crashes somehow due to either other engineers or his own system failures

  9. I believe I read in the original script there was a scene with a creator on the Cross. Implying one of them was Jesus. And it was alluded that this event, killing the Jesus creator instead of worshipping him was the event that caused them to eliminate humanity on Earth. Why they waited so long, who knows. Unless they did not find out until thousands of Earth years later.


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