The Future of Gaming: Your data, your wallet


From Fortnite to Candy Crush, video games and mobile games are relying more and more on in-game, in-app purchases, and loot boxes to make money. This means gaming companies are finding new ways to keep players playing and spending.

Some digital games development uses old-school gambling mechanisms to keep people hooked, while others in the gaming industry are using data to learn more and in-depth behaviors about the people playing — ultimately customizing video games to individual players.

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  1. um this ain't okay. This is why i like video games where you pay like $30 at the start and that's it. No in app purchases

  2. If you ever come across a person who claims video games cause violence, tell them this:
    If that's so, is that the reason why the game Monolopy caused all the boomers to ruin the current economy?

  3. I would go for analogue games from the 80s and 90s. They are not addictive only meant for entertainment purpose for a certain amount of time.

  4. I don't see why there are so many negative comments about Africa. Even considering what her job is she still had a heartfelt message at the end of the video showing her appreciation for video games as more than just a product. She has a job to do just like everyone else, and just like the others in the video she clarifies that there are ethical issues with what is happening in the game industry and that there does need to be careful consideration and regulation. Kind of ridiculous that people took the time to watch this video and yet had such an ignorant knee-jerk reaction to some of the content. Not to mention that the bottom line for consumers is to have some self-awareness and control. No matter how much time and effort people like her spend on making games that might exploit some people, consumers have to have the sense to take care of themselves at some point. By demonizing someone for doing their job you're essentially admitting that you have no self-control.

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  6. In regards to politics, many politicians both Republican and Democrat are very willing to deflect attention from the NRA and weapons manufacturers when it comes to the gun debate.

    -violent movies
    -mental health (which is a reasonable argument to be had, yet little is for a huge mandate in mental health support)
    -video games

    Since many are loathe to resolve the issue of the need for gun control and a balance on the second amendment, than the best thing we can all agree upon is:

    -Money out of politics

    The problem with those who are opposed to expanded gun control and yet want money out of politics is, the only reason nothing has been done about gun control is that organizations and weapons manufacturer's lobby groups pour massive sums of money paying corrupt politicians.

    Once that money out of politics happens, watch gun control start really having an effect.

  7. Yesterday's "traditional games" prior to the 8th generation i.e. Xbox360, PS3, WiiU era and below will be considered extremely valuable,
    in comparison to the utter gambling, whale OCD exploiting glorified slot machine F2P mobile games, micro-transaction driven AAA and online-only ,games as a service, streaming models of today and tomorrow.

  8. This video works on the assumption that triple A games are the future of gaming. I don't think that's necessarily the case at all.

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